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Posted by on Sep 6, 2015 in Nails & Nail Art | 3 comments

White & Glitter Nails

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White & Glitter Nails

I purchased Barry M’s Matt White Nail Paint ages ago but thought it looked a bit stark worn on its own (it looks a little bit like you’ve painted your nails in Tipp-Ex if you don’t do it really neatly!). So I decided to pair it up with a glitter polish to create a vivid sparkly effect.

I decided to use Diamond Arcade from Nails Inc, one of the most vibrant and sparkly glitter polishes that I’ve tried. Nails Inc called it a ‘Nail Jewellery Top Coat’ and when the light catches the glitter particles it really can look like you’re wearing jewellery on your nails!

First I painted 2 coats of the Barry M Matt White Nail Paint over my nails and left to dry. It very opaque and works really well as a base colour – it would also work well as part of a French manicure or to create white accents in a nail art design.

Then I painted a coat of the Nails Inc Diamond Arcade over the top of each nail. After this coat had dried I painted another coat of the Nails Inc, this time only about half of the way down each nail, this way it gives a gentle graded effect to the glitter. You may need to take some time to use the brush to evenly space the larger flecks of glitter to give ensure that your nails look even.

Barry M Matt White & Nails Inc Diamond Arcade

The Nails Inc polish is a clear polish containing holographic silver glitter particles in 3 different shapes and sizes – tiny flecks, larger circles and large randomly shaped pieces. It can feel a bit scratchy if some of the glitter shapes aren’t completely lying flat so you might want to add a clear top coat to help make the finished nails feel smooth.

Despite the large flakes of glitter this nail look wasn’t actually too difficult to remove – I always recommend using a cheap nail polish remover that contains acetone to remove glitter polish.

Nails Inc Diamond Arcade is the perfect glitter nail polish for a big night out or a striking Christmas nail art look. What do you think of this White & Glitter Nails look?

Barry M’s Nail Paint in Matt White is priced at £2.99 available from Barry M. I love Barry M’s wide range of affordable nail paints!

Nails Inc Diamond Arcade Nail Jewellery Polish is priced at £15, available from Nails Inc. I have the old round shaped bottle, but it now comes in a stylish square bottle.

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  1. This looks lovely. I’ve never been much of a fan of the white nail polish look, I always really struggle to pull it off and make it look neat. It definitely always looks like tippex! I’m sure when I was a kid I actually used tippex on my nails once! I’ve always wanted to try the gradient glitter effect.


    • The gradient glitter effect is really easy to do Kirstie! Maybe try it with a finer glitter for your first time though. xx

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