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Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Makeup | 0 comments

W7 – Budget Lip Products

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W7 Lip Products Review

A couple of weeks ago I received a fab selection of make-up from budget beauty brand W7, so I decided to split them up into three separate reviews – lip products, face products and eye products. Today I’m going to be taking you through the four lip products that I received…

W7 Lip Paint

The first two are Lip Paints*, available in five colours my shades are called Queen Of Hearts (pink shade, lying down) and Naughty (red shade, standing up).

They’re both really opaque and pigmented, definitely more like a thick coloured paint than a gloss although they are very glossy too. Queen Of Hearts is a bright mid-pink shade and Naughty is a bright crimson red. Both have a pleasant tingly minty taste but you just need to be careful you don’t get them on your teeth as they can stain – not a good look!

W7 Lip Paint Queen Of Hearts  Lips

Queen Of Hearts

W7 Lip Paint Naughty  Lips


I have to say that they do require very careful application as they’re so bright any mistakes or wonky lip lines will show up very obviously. Make sure you line your lips really well with pencil first, then either apply the Lip Paint with a lip brush or apply it straight from the tube then move it around the lips using a lip brush.

The best thing about these W7 Lip Paints is that the colour stays on FOR HOURS! Although most of the gloss will wear off the bright colour stays on the lips meaning you don’t have to reapply very often. They can stain the lips though and the colour may need removing with make-up remover at the end of the day. Unfortunately they’re a little bit too bright for me, I prefer something a little bit more translucent and sheer, but if you like vibrant lips then they’re definitely worth trying.

W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oil

The next W7 lip product is Tinted Kiss Nourishing Lip Oil*. I was a bit unsure about this when I first saw it – it doesn’t look or feel like an oil at all, it’s a rather sticky gloopy lip gloss – but the ingredients are supposed to nourish and moisturise the lips whilst you wear it and it has a nice melon taste.

Tinted Kiss is available in four shades, I’ve been trying the English Rose shade, a translucent berry pink, although in reality I didn’t really find that it added any kind of tint or colour to my lips as you can see from the image below:

W7 Tinted Kiss

Tinted Kiss does give a really nice gloss to the lips though, it would be good to wear over a matt lipstick to add some shine, or to just wear it on its own on a ‘non make-up day’. Personally I find it a little bit sticky, it’s the sort of lipgloss that makes your hair stick to it on a windy day, but it’s great value for money and the lips don’t feel dry after wearing it due to the nourishing properties.

W7 Lipstick

The final lip product from W7 is this Viva La Berry lipstick* in Very Berry. I can’t seem to find out how many shades are available in the Viva La Berry range, I think it might be six. Very Berry is a dark maroony purple, much too dark for my pale skin but if you like dark, glam, mysterious lipsticks then this is a really nice one, it feels silky and soft on the lips and contains moisturising ingredients.

I like the raised ‘W7’ on the tip of lipstick, it gives it the feeling of a more premium lipstick, but of course this wears off after a few uses. I think that the black and pink bullet tube looks much smarter than some of W7’s other lipstick ranges too.

W7 Lip Products Swatch

Here’s a swatch of each of the four W7 lip products, you can see how thick and opaque the Lip Paints are!

Overall I think each of these products are great in their own way, I think the one I will get most use out of is probably the Tinted Kiss Nourishing Lip Oil as I’ll wear it as a clear gloss or use it over lipsticks. I think the Lip Paints are great too, budget versions of other similar more premium products, but just a little bit too bright for me.

I find that the best places to buy W7 make-up from are usually eBay and Amazon as you can get some real bargains, and the products aren’t always available on the high street anyway…

W7 Lip Paints are available from £1.99 each, from eBay with FREE P&P from a UK seller.

W7 Tinted Kiss Nourishing Lip Oil is available from £3.39, from eBay with FREE P&P from a UK seller.

W7 Viva La Berry Lipsticks are available from £2.49 each, from eBay with FREE P&P from a UK seller.

What are your favourite W7 products and dupes? Keep an eye on Beauty Best Friend over the coming days as I’ll be reviewing some more W7 make-up.

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