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Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Makeup | 0 comments

USpicy – 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set

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USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set Review

OK, has anyone heard of make-up brush brand USpicy before? Because I certainly hadn’t! I was asked to review their 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set* in white and I wasn’t really sure what to expect…. After doing a bit of research I found out that USpicy is an American branding offering low-cost health and beauty products worldwide – mainly make-up brushes, nail lamps and hair extensions.

USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set Box

When my brush set arrived I was really impressed with the packaging. The 10 brushes are packaged inside a hard black box which is printed with sparkles and a bow, and a drawer pulls out at the front via a gold ribbon pull to reveal the brushes. The box means that the set would make a really lovely gift, and the sturdy box could be used to house the brushes on a dressing table.

10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set

There are 10 make-up brushes in the set, the white wooden handles have ‘U-Spicy’ printed on them and the ferrule (the metal bit up near the bristles) is a dark gold colour aluminium. Each brush measures approximately 17-18cm long.

USpicy make-up brushes are also available in a purple 6-piece set – these ones have been made to look a bit like Real Techniques brushes.

USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set Face

5 of the brushes are big and chunky and can be used for the face, each one is slightly different and has a different purpose:

Flat Brush – for application of liquid or cream products on the flatter areas of the face (e.g. forehead & cheeks)

Flat Angled Brush – to blend foundation around all areas of the face

Round Brush – to blend mineral products on the skin

Angled Brush – for application of powder blush or highlighter to cheeks or other areas

Tapered Brush – for application of liquid or cream products on the contours of the face (e.g. around the nose)

USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set Eye

The remaining 5 brushes are much thinner with smaller heads and are for more precision work. Again, each one is different with a different purpose:

Precision Angled Brush – apply contouring products into the hollows of the cheeks and sides of the nose

Precision Flat Brush – to stipple concealer onto blemishes

Precision Flat Angled Brush – for precise application of concealer in hard to reach areas such as the sides of the nose or chin

Precision Round Brush – for application of eyeshadow base or primer onto the eyelids

Precision Tapered Brush – to add precision highlighter to cheeks or other areas

Although the brushes are all too big to use on the eyes (apart from perhaps applying eyelid primer or an all over eyelid colour wash) there really is a brush for every area of the face here!

USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set Box Leaflet

The bi-coloured black and white bristles are synthetic (and therefore cruelty free) and feel really soft, they remind me a bit of Real Techniques brushes. I’d say overall this is a great set of make-up brushes, the only downside is that the leaflet that is included inside the box (it explains the use for each brush in several different languages!) smells a bit of paint and so I’d recommend taking that out of the box as soon as you buy your brush set. Other than I think it’s great value!

USpicy 10 Piece Make-Up Brush Set in White is currently priced at just £17.99 (usual RRP £35.99) available from Amazon. I can’t believe that you can get 10 good quality soft brushes for the price of one or two from other more well-known brands!

So what do you think of USpicy now that you’ve read this review? Is it a brand you might think about checking out?

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*PR sample

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