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Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in Bath & Body, Random | 9 comments

Tiny Tea Teatox

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Tiny Tea Teatox Review

Tea detoxes seem to be all the rage at the moment, so back in July I treated myself to a 28 day Tiny Tea Teatox from Your Tea. The idea of the Teatox is that the balanced herbal blend of tea will nourish and cleanse the digestive system, allowing it to replenish and restore back to its natural state. The cleanse can assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances – all problems that I’ve had at some point or another. The tea formula is based on Chinese medicinal principles, and Tiny Tea is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect.

So how does it work – well, the box contains 84 individually wrapped teabags and you drink 3 per day, 30 minutes before or after meals but not in an evening. I got into a routine with my Teatox, drinking one cup as soon as I got up in a morning, another late morning and one mid-afternoon. Of course there were days when my routine changed but if I went out then I could take the individually wrapped teabags with me and drink them while I was out.

Tiny Tea Teatox Cup of Tea

I wasn’t too sure about the taste of the tea when I first tried it, but the flavour soon grew on me and I got used to it. It’s like a slightly spicy green tea and leaves a spicy smoky fragrant taste in the mouth, and the more I drank it the more I seemed to enjoy it. There was always a bit of dark sediment in the bottom of the cup which I poured away.

After the first couple of days of my Tiny Tea Teatox I did feel to have noticeably more energy, however after the weeks went on this energy did seem to subside a bit (probably as my body got used to the tea).  My skin did stay clear for most of the teatox and I did experience a little less bloating – although I try to avoid eating bread most of the time anyway as this is what causes it. The most noticeable benefit of the Teatox for me was the weight loss, over the course of the 28 days I had lost around 4lbs, and whilst I had been trying to eat healthily anyway I hadn’t found it difficult. I think the Teatox really does sort out and regulate the digestive system, making it easier for your body to process food. Whilst it’s probably not a miracle weight loss product I do think it would help with weight loss when drunk alongside a good low-fat diet and combined with regular exercise, or would be useful to get your weight loss going again when you’ve reached a plateau.

Tiny Tea Teatox Tea Bags

The Tiny Tea Teatox does contain a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine. I don’t regularly expose myself to caffeine as I’m not usually a tea drinker and I avoid coffee and cola, so after a couple of weeks I could feel the effects of the caffeine and I took a few days break from the Teatox to let my body calm down.

I thought I would document the positives and negatives of the Tiny Tea Teatox:


  • Helps with weight loss and bloating
  • Nice taste
  • Individually wrapped bags means they can be taken with you in your handbag
  • Useful FAQ section on the Your Tea website to answer all the questions you may have about the Teatox


  • A few of the teabags were stuck inside the packets and tore when I opened them
  • Can be difficult to fit into a routine – particularly not eating within 30 minutes of drinking the tea
  • Caffeine can be too much if you’re not used to it
  • Expensive

Overall I enjoyed doing the Teatox and I have seen positive effects from it. It is rather expensive for tea so not something you would want to be doing regularly, I am going to start drinking more green tea to see if this keeps up the benefits (green tea contains antioxidants and can also help digestion, improve skin, etc). The Tiny Tea Teatox is something I might think about again in January when I want to have a bit of a post-Christmas detox, I think it would be better in the Winter too as a warming cup of tea is more comforting in the cold weather.

Tiny Tea Teatox is priced at £20 for 14 days or £31 for 28 days, available from Your Tea.

If you enjoy drinking tea you may want to read my review of Teatulia Lemongrass Herbal Infusion.

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  1. This sounds so good!

  2. I was wondering about this myself! But then I thought, for the money, I could buy a lot more green tea – even fresh buds of jasmine to make my own home made tea at home. It would still be helpful with the weight loss and debloating aspect of things… Thank for sharing! I was looking for a review on these anyway! xx

    • The Tiny Tea definitely works but it would be interesting to compare it with the same routine using regular green tea and see how they compare. xx

    • No more improvements since finishing the detox, but I am drinking more green tea now. xx

  3. Great post, thank you for sharing. I like the idea of a tea-detox 🙂 I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

    Camille xo

  4. This looks so sweet!
    I don’t really drink herbal teas myself, but it would make a cute gift.



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