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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Bath & Body, Random | 0 comments

The Body Shop – Room Fragrance Oils & Spritz

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The Body Shop Room Fragrance Oils & Spritz

Whilst The Body Shop have been holding their fantastic sale I have treated myself to some room fragrance products. I love rooms to smell nice – I feel it helps to lift the mood and makes interiors feels fresh and clean – but I hate those plug-in things that smell far too overpowering and artificial.

The first room fragrance product I have tried from The Body Shop is Pomegranate & Raspberry Home Fragrance Oil. This lovely, fruity colourless oil is slightly reminiscent of the old Body Shop bestseller Dewberry, and words can’t describe how gorgeous it smells! It’s a perfect fragrance for Summer and it can be used in an oil burner or a couple of drops put into the top of a chunky candle (never leave burning candles unattended). I love fruity fragrances and this doesn’t disappoint, I also love The Body Shop’s Satsuma products and there is a Room Fragrance Oil available in that too.

The Body Shop Room Pomegranate & Raspberry Fragrance Oil

The second product is Jasmine & White Frangipani Home Fragrance Oil. This transparent yellowy-coloured oil has a lovely fragrance, very floral but I don’t find it too overpowering. It contains jasmine and ylang ylang essentials and again this oil can be used in an oil burner. I have also read that room fragrance oils can be dabbed onto a lightbulb (while it is cold before it is switched on!) and that as the lightbulb heats up the room fills with fragrance – has anyone tried this method?

The Body Shop Room Jasmine & White Frangipani Fragrance Oil

My final product is Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Room & Linen Spritz. I think this is my favourite product of the 3, it has the same fruity fragrance as the Room Fragrance Oil but this light multipurpose clear spritz can be sprayed onto linen (think towels and bedding), into the air of a room, or used on the body. Personally I will be keeping this for household use and won’t be spraying it on my skin, I don’t really want to smell of fruit! But if you do like wearing fruity perfumes then this is well worth checking out. This Body, Room & Linen Spritz contains essential oils, and you could double up the fragrance by using it in the same room as the matching Room Fragrance Oil.

The Body Shop Room Pomegranate & Raspberry Spritz

All of these products have a lovely Summery fragrance and I will be using them all Summer long to freshen up my home.

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils are great value at £4 each, whilst Body, Room & Linen Spritz are priced at £7 each, available from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is currently offering 35% off all orders plus free standard delivery on all orders over £5. So what are you waiting for?

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