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Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Makeup | 4 comments

The Body Shop – Brush On Sunlight

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The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight Review

I just love these little shimmery highlighter beads from The Body Shop! I used to have the bronzing equivalent back when The Body Shop make-up was called ‘Colourings’ and I used them every day, there’s just something quite luxurious about using a highlighter or bronzer powder in pearl format.

Brush On Sunlight* from The Body Shop is a highlighter described as an ‘apricot bronze’ shade. I’m not sure I agree, I can’t see much bronze in there, but there is lots of apricot and pale peach iridescent shimmer and it’s perfect for those with pale skin.

The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight Close Up

The pot contains three different shades of powder pearls – apricot, rose gold and peachy-pink. This product is best used as a highlighter, applied with a very soft brush (I use the Bobbi Brown Blender Brush) – just lightly sweep the brush over the pearls to pick up the colour then sweep it over the parts of your face where you want a gentle iridescent shimmer. I have been applying it over my cheekbones and up to my temples.

The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight Brush

The colour of these Brush On Sunlight pearls is very subtle – there’s hardly any colour there, just a very light shimmer. On the swatch image below you can just about see that I have swatched each of the three pearls individually on the left, then on the middle right of the image I have dusted the highlighter on with a brush.

The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight Swatch

Brush On Sunlight is a really versatile highlighter, I’ve already mentioned some of the ways it can be used, it could also be used as a highlighter for eyes just by applying the powder from one of the pearls using a soft eyeshadow brush. You might also want to apply it to your collar bones if you’re wearing a low cut top or dress.

The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight

I love Brush On Sunlight, it’s a quick easy way of applying highlighter (much quicker than applying liquid highlighter) and the little tub with gold lid looks really cute. Just make sure you treat them with respect or you could end up crushing the pearls.

The Body Shop also do two other varieties of powder pearls – Brush On Radiance (for a pink-toned luminous glow) and Brush On Bronze (for a sunkissed bronze glow).

Brush On Sunlight is priced at £14 for 28g, available from The Body Shop.

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*PR sample


  1. I have the bronzer beads and love them, so glad the highlighter is in the same league! Will definitely be investing!! 🙂

    • They’re really lovely, the little pot looks great displayed on a dressing table too! xx

  2. What a lovely little post, thanks for the review 🙂


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