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Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Bath & Body | 1 comment

Tesco Soleil – Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion & Tinted Bronzing Lotion

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Tesco Soleil Bronzing Protecting Sun Lotion & Tinted Bronzing Lotion Review

Last Bank Holiday weekend here in York the weather was lovely and sunny, so it was a perfect time for me to review this Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion* and Tinted Bronzing Lotion* from the Tesco Soleil range. I do find that the Tesco own-brand suncare products are great value for money and it’s always really convenient to be able to pick up beauty and skincare products whilst you are doing your weekly grocery shop.

Tesco Soleil Bronzing Protecting Sun Lotion

Soleil Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion – this sun lotion is very similar to any other standard sun lotion but much better value than brands like Nivea, etc. It has a medium SPF protection of 15, which is generally around the coverage that I like to use (I have fair skin but it tans quite easily without burning). It is a medium consistency lotion with a feint coconutty scent and it sinks into the skin fairly quickly. I have to point out that this lotion really isn’t sticky at all, which is one of the things that I usually hate about suncream, and it doesn’t leave sticky greasy marks on your skin after applying.

Both myself and my husband used this sun lotion last weekend, and although the sun was still fairly gentle in early May the UV rays can still burn your skin. Both of us were left with a nice pale tan after a few hours on and off in the sun – my husband was particularly pleased as he is prone to burning but at the end of the day his face and arms were a pale golden colour. Soleil Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion contains ‘an innovative ingredient that helps the body’s natural tanning process’ in order to help you acheive a nice tan. The bottle doesn’t really explain what this ingredient is or how it works – before using the sun cream I had assumed that it contained some kind of fake tan or something like that – but I’m pretty sure it works given my husband’s lovely tan after using this product.

Tesco Soleil Bronzing Protecting Sun Lotion Sample

I like the packaging of this Soleil Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion, it looks practical and it is a good size to carry around in a handbag, beach bag or suitcase, and it would make a great choice for families. Plus it is water resistant so you can use it if you’re planning to go for a swim, although don’t forget to keep applying it regularly.

Tesco Soleil  Tinted Bronzing Lotion

Soleil Tinted Bronzing Lotion – I do like a fake tan and with Summer coming up there’s no time like the present to start perfecting my application routine.This self-tan is a thick dark chocolate brown lotion and it has the usual fake tan smell (which I don’t mind). You only need to apply a small amount as this is the medium-dark variant, and I like to gradually build up my fake tan over several days and applications rather than in one big orangey go! It does leave a pale colour straight after applying, but then the colour develops over 4 hours. I like this product as it doesn’t stain your fingers when you apply it (unlike so many other similar products) so you can apply it with your hands rather than a mitt – as long as you wash your hands straight after the application. I also like the fact that it doesn’t stain your pores when you have applied it.

Tesco Soleil Tinted Bronzing Lotion Sample

Once the product has been on your skin for 4 hours you can rinse it off in the shower, although I didn’t bother after applying it to my arms as I only applied a small amount and it had all sunk into the skin and didn’t feel like there was anything to remove. I haven’t tried this product on my face yet, although it is suitable for the facial area.

I normally stick to aerosol spray self-tan products like Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Body Mist that you spray on but then don’t need to wash off, and can sometimes find bronzing lotions too thick and sticky, but I do like this Soleil Tinted Bronzing Lotion and I love the fact that it gives a nice natural looking tan as you can see from the ‘before and after’ image below.

Tesco Soleil  Tinted Bronzing Lotion Before After

I quite like the packaging too, the shimmery bronze tube wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf with more premium bronzing products. At just £3.25 this is a great budget self-tan option, and as it can be used on the face as well as the body means that you don’t have to buy 2 separate bronzing products – I’m pretty sure you can’t buy any other good quality tanning products as cheap as this one.

Overall I am really impressed with both of these products, given their reasonable prices, and I would definitely think about purchasing products from the Tesco Soleil range next time I am going abroad.

Soleil Bronzing Protection Sun Lotion is priced at just £3.50 for 200ml and is available from Tesco. Soleil Tinted Bronzing Lotion is priced at just £3.25 for 150ml and is available from Tesco.

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  1. Wow the self-tanning bronzer gives such a nice result, and it is indeed quite cheap 🙂


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