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Posted by on May 23, 2014 in Nails & Nail Art | 2 comments

Ted Baker – Sweet On You Nail Duo

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Ted Baker Sweet On You Nail Duo Review

This Sweet On You Nail Duo from Ted Baker was a birthday gift from a good friend way back in March. The two nail polishes come packaged in a cute little box designed to look like an old fashioned sweet shop.

Ted Baker Sweet On You Nail Duo

The first polish is called Sweet On You and it’s a lovely peachy pink colour which looks really glossy when used on its own – take a look at the top photo, you can see how shiny it is and I haven’t even used a top coat. It only needs a couple of coats for a good coverage and applies really easily although the brush is very thin and the lid is quite big so it’s a bit tricky to apply it carefully and needs patience.

The second polish is called Champagne Sundays and it’s a dusky rose coloured glitter suspended in a clear polish. There are two sizes of glitter – large hexagons and tiny flecks – both the same colour. You can either use Champagne Sundays on its own (although you’d need quite a few coats for a really dense glittery finish) or over the top of Sweet On You. I’ve used the glittery polish as a top coat to create a feature nail – I applied 2 coats of Champagne Sundays and had to try and be careful to distribute the glitter evenly over the nail. It looks really effective on, it’s so sparkly that from a distance it looks like the nail is covered in a pinky coloured foil.

Ted Baker Sweet On You Nail Duo

This is a really nice little set and it makes a lovely gift in its cute sweet shop packaging. The bottles remind me a little bit of Chanel’s nail paint bottles, but with the Chanel ones the black lid pulls off to leave a neat little round lid which makes it much easier to hold and apply the polish.

The glittery Champagne Sundays polish is rather difficult to remove (as with most glitter polishes), I recommend using the cheapest nail varnish remover you can find that DOES contain acetone. I also found that the Sweet On You shade does chip rather easily, so you might need to carry it around in your bag with you for emergency touch ups.

Ted Baker Sweet On You Nail Duo 3

UPDATE 18th Jan 2018 – it looks like Ted Baker is no longer doing nail polish, which is a shame as this was such a cute little duo gift. If you’re looking for a great nail polish duo then look no further than this Essie Nail Twinkle Belle Duo Kit from Superdrug, at just £12.99. It would make a super gift, and the shades are just right for Winter with the holographic sparkle top coat.

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