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Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in Nails & Nail Art | 7 comments

Ted Baker – Faked To Perfection Nails

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Ted Baker Faked To Perfection Nails Review

If you’re a fan of false nails then you’ll be pleased to know that Ted Baker have recently brought out a new range of ‘Faked To Perfection’ artificial nails, I was lucky enough to be sent the Rose Gold* set to try out.

They come in the same cute sweet shop packaging as the Sweet On You Nail Duo that I reviewed last year.

Ted Baker Faked To Perfection Nails

The pack contains 24 artificial nails, a small tube of nail glue and a weird white plastic applicator stick. (I didn’t find that the applicator stick was much help, it didn’t hold the nails very well and made it impossible to press the nails firmly onto the nail bed, it was much easier to apply the nails using my fingers). The set comes in a clear box which is really handy to keep the spares and the glue in after you’ve applied the nails.

The Rose Gold set are a pretty pale pink colour with a shiny metallic rose gold tip, really beautiful and rose gold is really ‘now’.

Ted Baker Faked To Perfection Nails Open

Faked to Perfection nails are basically just regular false nails that are applied over the top of your own nails with glue. They’re really easy to apply and I’ve been wearing mine for 5 days so far and there’s no sign of any of them coming loose. They’re quite short so they don’t make carrying out everyday tasks difficult like longer nails can do, but you do need to make sure that you file your own nails very short prior to applying the Ted Baker nails.

The only downside was the sizes of the nails… I have very small hands and nails and I struggled to find enough of the nails in the correct sizes to fit on all of my nails. As a result the nails on my forefingers are a little bit small and the ones on my thumbs are a bit big – it would be great to see Ted Baker produce Faked To Perfection nails in different sizes like some other false nail brands do, e.g. small, medium and large.

Ted Baker Faked To Perfection Nails Rose Gold

These Rose Gold nails are really pretty and I think false nails are a great way of applying quick and easy nail art to your own nails – it’s much easier to apply these Ted Baker nails than it is to do a really good, neat French tip.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t buy these nails again unless they were available in smaller sizes as they don’t fit my small nails very well. But if you have regular-sized hands and nails I’d really recommend you look out for them. There are several other nail art coloured variations too, including a coral coloured set with rose gold tips.

UPDATE 05/03/2016 – Sadly it looks like these Ted Baker nails aren’t available any more.

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  1. I love the colour and the gold tip they are gorgeous! I have the same problem with my nails being very small. Unless I can file down the false nails I can’t normally wear them
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  2. Oh my these look so beautiful! I love the rose gold tips! I fear that I would probably have the same problem as you though. I often find the thumb sizes in false nails are way too big. xo

  3. These nails look so pretty! I wish I could apply false nails correctly xx

  4. oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! When I initially saw your first photo I honestly thought you had painted them! These are freaking gorgeous!



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