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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Bath & Body | 3 comments

Tanworx – Self Tanning Foam

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Tanworx Self Tanning Foam Review

I was recently asked to try out this new Tanworx Self Tanning Foam that has been developed by natural skincare specialists Monu Skincare. Monu is an ethical skincare brand, they are against animal testing and their products contain no synthetic perfumes or colours. You may have already read my review of Monu Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15.

This product came at a perfect time for me as only a couple of weeks ago I was thinking that I was looking rather pale and could do with a nice tan… and hey presto Tanworx Self Tanning Foam popped through my letterbox!

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam Mitt

I am a big fan of fake tan as it’s so much better for our bodies than tanning via a sunbed, but it’s still really important to make sure you use a good quality product that doesn’t contain lots of nasty ingredients. Did you know that parabens are thought by some people to contribute to cancer? So this Tanworx product from Monu Skincare is perfect as it doesn’t contain these nasty chemicals.

I have been applying this Self Tanning Foam in ‘Fair to Medium’ using a fake tan mitt – the one in the photos above and below is the small facial-sized one from Superdrug and these are a must if you don’t want to end up with orange palms!

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam Apply

The first thing that struck me is how dark the product is! You can see from the image above that it is a very dark chocolate brown coloured foam. I am used to using self tanning products that apply to the skin clear and then develop over time, whereas this Tanworx product adds colour to the skin as soon as it is applied. The first time I used this product I applied it to my face and I did panic for a little while after I was left with a very dark brown face straight after applying (I’m thinking I had a look of David Dickinson….). However after leaving the tan to develop on the skin for a few hours (the bottle recommends waiting 8 hours before washing or showering) I then washed my face and a large amount of the product rinsed away leaving my face with a lovely golden tan.

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam Before After

The image above shows a before and after of Tanworx Self Tanning Foam when applied to my arm, you can see that the final result is a lovely golden glow. You do have to be careful to apply and blend the product quite quickly as it does dry incredibly fast leaving lines and creases if you’re not careful. Plus you only need a very small amount of the product for a natural looking tan – about one pump of the bottle is enough for the face, and 1-2 pumps will easily cover an arm – so I suspect that this 150ml bottle will last quite a while.

It’s definitely a tan to apply in an evening, let develop overnight, and then shower off in the morning (just be prepared for tan-stained bedclothes). Don’t be tempted to apply this just before a big night out as it definitely needs rinsing off before you’re let loose in public. The image below shows my arm half an hour after applying Self Tanning Foam, you can see that the product has sunk into my pores, and these little specks are quite visible (it has the same effect on the chest and legs too – not attractive!), so make sure you have a good shower to remove these little blobs before going out.

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam After

Self Tanning Foam from Tanworx should be applied carefully to well-exfoliated and moisturised skin, and you can gradually build up your colour day by day until you reach the shade you like. This Self Tanning Foam has a pleasant talcum powdery scent, which is great considering that a lot of self tan products smell horrendous.

I do find that the directions on the bottle are a little lacking, it doesn’t explain that the colour is immediate, or that you should apply the product then leave it to develop before rinsing it away. It might seem obvious to self-tan experts, but there are so many different types of tanning product available these days that it would be great to have the full recommendations made clear.

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam

Overall I have enjoyed using this product, and I think it makes a nice natural alternative to bestsellers like St Tropez. It gives a good, lasting golden tan and is kind to the skin, however it is rather time consuming to apply given that you need to apply it, wait several hours and then shower to gain the best results. I will definitely be keeping this product to use for special occasions when I want an all-over tan, but for more regular use I think I will stick to quick and easy self tanning products like Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer spray which you spray on after a shower and you’re done. Tanworx do produce an Instant Self Tanning Spray, so perhaps I will try that next time.

Tanworx Self Tanning Foam in Fair-Medium is priced at £20 for 150ml and is available from Monushop. There is also a Dark-Very Dark version, available here.

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  1. There a isn’t a huge difference but I guess its still worth a try

    • The tan does look good in real life, the photo doesn’t really do it justice!


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