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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Makeup | 4 comments

Soap & Glory – Solar Powder

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Soap & Glory Solar Powder Review

I’ve read some really glowing reviews of Soap & Glory Solar Powder over the past few months so I thought I’d try it out for myself. Solar Powder is a pressed powder bronzer in two shades, perfect for using all over the body.

I’ve been really impressed with the other products I’ve reviewed from Soap & Glory like Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk and The Fab Pore Mask & Peel so I was looking forward to seeing if this bronzer lived up to their other products.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Close Up

The left-hand shade is the darkest and is a matt bronzer. It actually looks darker in the palette than it does on the skin, it gives a natural tan to the skin and doesn’t look orange at all. It’s great to use for contouring and doesn’t leave the face looking stripy.

The right-hand shade is the paler of the two and has a slight golden iridescence to it. I had imagined it would be much more of a highlighter than a bronzer, but it’s not really and the shimmer is only very subtle. It’s a nice bronzing shade for a pale skin but I’m not sure that it would be much good if you have a darker or already-tanned skin.

The pink shimmer on the raised ‘S’ and ‘G’ soon wears off, although this will give a bit of extra shimmer the first couple of times you use the palette.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Swatch

The swatch image above shows the two shades of Solar Powder, the paler shimmery one is on the left, as you can see they’re both fairly natural.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

As with all of Soap & Glory’s products that packaging is really quirky and features plays on words – ‘The greatest glow on earth’ – and 1950s images and graphics. I was a bit disappointed that the palette is made from cardboard though, it seems sturdy enough now but I’m sure after a couple of months of rattling around a make-up bag it will look shabby and scratched… I saw a photo of another blogger’s Solar Powder the other day and the whole of the top of the palette had dropped off!

UPDATE 1st September 2017 – the packaging of Soap & Glory has been redesigned, it’s now a fantastic black plastic compact with a mirror inside the lid, which is so much better than the cardboard option.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Packaging

Not only can you use Solar Powder on your face, you can also use it on your body – think shoulder blades, collar bones or down the front of the legs for an extra bronzed glow. It’s great to take on holiday, it’s quite subtle so looks like you’ve got a nice tan as it’s not too shimmery.

I like to apply it using my Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush which is so incredibly soft, these brushes are fairly expensive now but they’re definitely value for money, really soft and the hairs don’t shed, so I’d say it’s worth investing in one.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder With Brush

I really love this Solar Powder from Soap & Glory but I’d prefer it if the palette was a bit sturdier. I just can’t help thinking it’s going to open up inside my make-up bag, or get scratched. It’s good value though when compared with similar products from more premium brands, and as with all Soap & Glory products the pressed powder itself is good quality (despite the cardboard palette).

UPDATE 1st September 2017 – the packaging of Soap & Glory has been redesigned, it’s now a fantastic black plastic compact with a mirror inside the lid, which is so much better than the cardboard option. I can’t think of a reason now why you wouldn’t buy this bronzer!

Soap & Glory Solar Powder is priced at £11, available from Boots.

If you’re looking for a good bronzer you might also want to read my review of Bobbi Brown Bronzer & Bronzing Brush.

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  1. I love Solar Powder, it’s one of my favourite bronzers! soap and Glory have changed a lot of their other powder products into more sturdy plastic packaging so I’m surprised they haven’t updated this yet!
    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • I think it would last so much longer if the packaging was sturdier so hope they do upgrade it! xx

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