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Posted by on Jan 16, 2015 in Random | 2 comments

Lose weight with Slendertoxtea in just 14 Days

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Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox Review

If you’ve not heard of a Teatox before it’s a detox programme that you undertake just by drinking tea. I was asked to try out the 14 Day Teatox* from Slendertoxtea, and New Year was a perfect time to try it to help rid my body of the excesses of Christmas.

The Slendertoxtea Teatox is a 100% natural, herbal tea which aims to give you increased energy, increased metabolism, less bloating and weight loss.

There are 2 parts to the Slendertoxtea Teatox, a Daytox and a Sleeptox. You have one cup of the Daytox tea in the morning using 1 teabag, then you have one cup of the Sleeptox tea every other night using 1 teabag. The Sleeptox gently flushes out your system while you sleep. The ingredients of the 2 teas are as follows:

Detox – Hawthorn Grain, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Camellia Flower, Green Tea, Fennel Seeds

Sleeptox – Valerian Root, Large Hawthorn, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Green Tea, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Fennel Seeds, Camellia Flower.

Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox With Cup

You just make the Teatox tea as you would a regular tea, pop the teabag in the cup, add hot water and leave for 3-5 mins, then drink without milk. You can drink it cold if you prefer, and you can add sweeteners or honey if you like your tea a bit sweeter, I like mine hot without any sweetener.

I’ve been using the Slendertoxtea Teatox for just over a week now, in conjunction with a healthy diet, and I feel really good. Slendertoxtea say you can sometimes experience headaches or fatigue for the first couple of days but I didn’t have either of those side effects. I did have mild stomachache for a while after I drank my first cup, but that soon subsided, I think it was just a sign that the tea was working. I definitely feel less bloated and I have cut bread out of my diet too for a few weeks which always makes me feel better. I have lost three pounds in just a week, and I’m confident that I will be able to lose another few in the days that I have left on my Teatox.

Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox

The tea tastes like regular black tea, and you can’t really taste any of the herbs in it.

This is the second teatox I’ve tried, the other one was the Tiny Tea Teatox from Your Tea which I did last Summer, and it’s a similar price. I found that one more difficult though as you had to drink 3 cups of the tea every day which I found a bit of a struggle.

I definitely think that Teatoxes work to help cleanse your body and I think they help focus your mind on healthy eating too, so I think the weight loss is caused by a combined effort of the tea and the other changes you make. I really like Slendertoxtea and would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.

Slendertoxtea Teatox plans range from 14 days to 3 months, or if you prefer you can just purchase the Daytox or Sleeptox packages (although I’d recommend combining them if you want to lose weight quickly).

The 14 Day Teatox is priced at £19.99 with free UK delivery, or if you want something more intensive why not go for the 28 Day Teatox at £32.99? You can usually get a good discount on your first order too by signing up for the Slendertox newsletter.

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  1. This looks so good, I need to try it! I am in need of a detox haha.

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