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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Haircare | 6 comments

Sleep-In Rollers – Bun Ring Plait

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Sleep-In Rollers Bun Ring Plait

I was recently sent this Bun Ring Plait* from Sleep-In Rollers to try out. It is basically a synthetic plaited hair piece which can either be used as a headband or wrapped around a bun to give a decorative effect.

Sleep-In Rollers specialise in soft velcro hair rollers which can be worn overnight without feeling uncomfortable, and they also do a variety of extras including this Bun Ring Plait, other hairpieces and faux ponytails plus haircare oils. Sleep-In Rollers are predicted to be the ‘next big thing’ and are gathering celebrity endorsements thick and fast.

Sleep In Rollers Bun Ring Plait

This Bun Ring Plait is available in 4 colours – black, brown, blonde and deep red. I have been wearing the blonde one, although it is a little bit too pale for me but it still gives a great effect (I might be better with the brown one). You basically scrape your hair back into a neat bun using a bun doughnut, either on the top of your head or lower down, and secure with kirby grips. Then you can wrap the Bun Ring Plait around your bun (it wraps around a large bun twice) and as it is elasticated it secures itself. You could secure it with another couple of kirby grips if required. Unfortunately it is fairly difficult to hide the black elasticated part of the Bun Ring Plait on blonde hair, for me it takes a lot of fiddling and tucking until you can’t see it, but the effect is definitely worthwhile. The images below show my hair before and after I apply the Bun Ring Plait.

Sleep-In Rollers Bun Ring Plait Without

Without Bun Ring Plait

Sleep-In Rollers Bun Ring Plait With

With Bun Ring Plait

The Bun Ring Plait also doubles up as a headband to hold hair back from the face (although I’m not really a headband sort of girl myself!) or could also be wrapped around the base of a ponytail. I do like products that multi-task!

I would definitely recommend this product, although it would be nice if the elasticated section matched the colour of the hair making it less visible once it is wrapped around the bun.

Sleep-In Rollers Bun Ring Plait Box

Bun Ring Plait is priced at £7 and is available from Sleep-In Rollers. Check out their range of soft velcro rollers too, I am hoping to be able to review some of those soon.

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*PR sample


  1. I really like the look of the plait 🙂 I want to get one myself! Love your blog and am now a new follower. xx

    • Thanks for your lovely comments! The plait is really great and I just love products that multi-task! xx

  2. the plait looks weird on you because your colour doesn’t match it

    • I know, I think I could have done with the shade darker! I love the effect of the plait though, it sets the bun off really nicely. xx

  3. Your hair bun was very neat and looks good .. for hair color, may be in their own cat with hair dye according to your hair 🙂
    Nice post 🙂

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