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Posted by on Oct 19, 2015 in Makeup | 8 comments

Sleek – Candy Tint Lip Balms

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Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Review

Sleek Makeup is is one of my favourite high street brands and I was so pleased when they asked me if I’d like to try out their new Candy Tint Lip Balms.

Formulated with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to provide long lasting hydration these tinted lip balms are a cross between a lipstick and a lip treatment balm. The ingredients also include vitamins A and C which help to protect the delicate lips from free radicals and SPF 15 to help shield the lips from the sun in all weathers.

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms

Available in six candy shades, I’ve been trying out Sherbet, Cherry Drop and Tutti Fruity:

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Sherbet Lips


Sherbet is a nude peach shade and probably the colour that I was initially most drawn to. I like neutral lips and this gives your pout a natural hint of colour with a good gloss. Perfect for those ‘no make-up’ make-up looks.

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Cherry Drop Lips

Cherry Drop

I was a bit scared of raspberry red Cherry Drop when I first laid eyes on it, I usually steer clear of red lips as they make me feel very self conscious and this looks quite bright in the tube. However the colour is really sheer and just gives the lips a hint of rosy colour, I was really impressed with this one and I’ll definitely be wearing it with a smokey eye.

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Tutti Fruity Lips

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Fruity is a bright cerise purple shade in the tube, but as with Cherry Drop it looks much more sheer and natural on the lips. Whilst I do like Tutti Fruity it’s probably the shade out of the three that I’ll wear the least as I don’t feel that the blue-toned colour complements my pale skin tone as well as the other two.

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Swatch

I’ve been wearing the Sleek Candy Tint Lip Balms for around two weeks now and can honestly say that I love them! They apply really nicely from the tube, you don’t need to wear a lip liner with them and they have a charming sweet candy taste/scent to match their name.

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Boxes

You do need to reapply the Candy Tint balms periodically throughout the day as, given their sheer finish, they will come off whilst eating and drinking, but I don’t see this as a problem. I quite like touching up my lip colour (it feels glamorous!) and you certainly won’t feel ashamed taking out these matt black Sleek bullets in public as Sleek do their packaging so well. The lips do feel a bit dry if you let the balms wear off and don’t reapply though, so keep topping up throughout the day!

Sleek Makeup Candy Tint Lip Balms Labels

All in all another great offering from Sleek, and I’ve already added one of the remaining three shades – pink Marshmallow – to my shopping list as it looks like the sort of shade that I’d love!

Candy Tint Lip Balms are priced at £6.49 each, available from Sleek.

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    • Totally agree, really great to carry round in a handbag for when you need a quick splash of colour. xx

  1. I’ve never tried anything from Sleek before, but these look really good. They remind me of Maybelline Baby Lips which I love!

    Chloe x Snug Corner

    • You should definitely try some Sleek products, I can highly recommend their Blush By 3 palettes too. xx

  2. I actually really like the sheer effect of these balms, whereas I’m usually more of a pigment fan! Definitely want some of these though 🙂

    Claire | | xx

  3. These shades are gorgeous. I thought they’d be a lot bolder on the lip but the fact they’re more sheer makes them look a lot more wearable. Great post.


    • I totally agree Katie, they look quite bold in the tube but apply really sheer and beautiful. xx

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