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Posted by on May 5, 2015 in Skincare | 2 comments

Skinade – Anti-Ageing Skincare Drink

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Skinade Anti Ageing Skincare Drink Review

Skinade is an anti-ageing skincare drink, made in Britain, that contains collagen (amongst other ingredients) – collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in the body, it is responsible for skin support, firmness, elasticity, hydration, and the constant production of new skin cells. However as we grow older our body loses collagen, causing skin ageing which results in wrinkles, dry skin and fine lines.

When I first heard of Skinade, last year, I was rather sceptical as to how a drink could improve the skin. However, I was recently sent a month’s worth of Skinade* drink to try out, so that I could see if it really works or not. So, what were the results…..

Skinade Packaging

I had imagined that Skinade would be colourless and maybe a bit unpleasant or sour, however it’s an orange coloured drink and it has a pleasant peach flavour… although after drinking it for a couple of weeks the flavour does get a bit cloying. I would recommend keeping the drink in the fridge, as it does taste slightly more refreshing cold. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or colourings and as well as collagen it contains lots of other vitamins and minerals that help both your skin and the rest of your body to feel healthy (you can see the full list on ingredients in the image below).

One bottle of the drink should be taken each day, I had mine after breakfast and it was really easy to remember to drink it so long as I always had it at the same time of day.

Skinade Ingredients

Skinade claim that drinking this anti-ageing drink on a daily basis will result in firmer, even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin. Skinade also helps to repairs connective tissue, so you should also benefit from stronger and faster-growing hair and nails.

Many people have reported to see the benefits of drinking Skinade after just one week, however for me it took a little longer. After the first week I didn’t really see any improvement in my skin, although I did feel to have a bit more energy than usual.

After around 3 weeks my skin was starting to feel softer and a bit clearer than normal, although I was still getting the occasional blemish. I don’t really have problems with fine lines or wrinkles yet so I can’t comment on that aspect of my skin.

As well as drinking Skinade each day I was also trying to eat healthily, exercise regularly and drink lots of water. Factors such as smoking, sunlight, diet (including sugar and alcohol consumption), stress and lack of sleep all play an important part in your health and your skin’s appearance, so I wanted to make sure that I was not hindering the Skinade drink in any way.

Skinade Travel Size

The final 10 days of my challenge were spent using Skinade Travel Size sachets, the handy little packets that you can see in the image above. I really love these, they’re small enough to take in your hand luggage if you go away and you just add the contents to a glass of water – much easier than lugging around the big bottles of drink with you!

After the full 30 days my combination skin definitely felt softer and smoother with less blemishes, and I also felt quite healthy in myself with lots of energy. I’m not sure if this is a miracle skincare drink – it didn’t really work like that for me – but it definitely has its benefits and I keep reading lots of great positive reviews from other people that have tried it.

A month’s course of Skinade costs £90 – this sounds really expensive at first, but it works out at just £3 per day which is around the same as the cost as a cup of coffee… and Skinade is definitely better for you than coffee!

A 30-day course of Skinade bottles is priced at £90, available from Skinade.

A 30-day course of Skinade travel-sized sachets is priced at £99, available from Skinade.

Skinade should only be taken by those over 18.

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  1. I got some Skinade sachets in a goodie bag a while ago but tbh I completely forgot about them! If they’re still in date I’ll have to dig them out and give them a go 🙂

    Claire | | xx

    • It’s definitely worth trying them, and I much prefer the travel sachets to the big bottles – much easier to store or take with you when you’re out and about! xx

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