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Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Bath & Body, Skincare | 0 comments

Salcura Bioskin cleansers for sensitive or eczema-prone skin

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Salcura Bioskin Body Cleanser Face Cleanser Review

If you’re a regular reader of Beauty Best Friend then you may have read my previous reviews of some of Salcura’s skincare products for sensitive or problem skins. Their Antiac range is one of my favourite collections of products for acne-prone skin, and today I am going to be reviewing their new Bioskin range of cleansers for sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

One of the main reasons that I love Salcura is that all of their products are made from natural ingredients and contain no SLS (sodium laureth sulphate), synthetic fragrances, parabens, paraffin, phthalates or lanolin. These ingredients are known to cause irritation or discomfort to some skins (I can’t use SLS on my scalp as it makes it itchy and sore) and this is why Salcura uses natural alternatives.

Salcura Bioskin Body Cleanser

Bioskin Body Cleanser* – this is a body cleanser aimed at those with dry and sensitive skin although I would recommend it to anyone. The ingredients are 97% natural, including nourishing Sea Buckthorn for skin healing and repair, Starflower to nourish and hydrate and White Willow Bark for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Salcura Bioskin Body Cleanser In Hand

This Body Cleanser looks and feels just like a regular shower gel, it’s a bright orange colour and has a nice fruity scent, but it’s low-foaming so as not to dry out the skin. It’s perfect for all skintypes and is suitable for use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding.

I love this product, I really like the scent of it and the 300ml bottle is quite big and will last me for ages.

Salcura Bioskin  Face Cleanser

Bioskin Face Cleanser* – this is a gentle facial cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. It contains many of the same ingredients as the Body Cleanser as well as Jojoba Oil for nourishment, and Rosemary to help improve cell renewal. The product also looks and smells quite similar to the Body Cleanser – an orange facewash with a nice fruity scent.

I like to use a foaming wash-off cleanser in a morning as it’s quick and easy, and this fits in really well with my lifestyle. The bottles do look a bit clinical though, and it would be easy to get them mixed up too – they’re both identical apart from the fact that the Face Cleanser bottle is a bit smaller. I love the innovative flip-top opening though, they’re really easy to open and close particularly if you’re in the shower, you just press down one half of the lid and the other half pops up ready to dispense the cleanser!

Salcura Bioskin Body Cleanser Ingredients

Overall I think this pair of cleansers are a great addition to the Salcura collection, I’d recommend them to anyone and I’ll definitely be continuing to use them.

Bioskin Body Cleanser is priced at £12.99 for 300ml, available from Salcura.

Bioskin Face Cleanser is priced at £12.99 for 200ml, available from Salcura.

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