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Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Bath & Body | 2 comments

Quinessence – Fantasia Mood Enhancer Vaporising Oil

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Quinessence Fantasia Mood Enhancer Vaporising Oil Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out one of Quinessence’s aromatherapy oils. I chose this Fantasia Mood Enhancer Vaporising Oil, a blend of essential oils to help focus concentration whilst you are working, writing or being creative. As I am a jewellery designer I thought this blend would be perfect to help enhance my creativity and inspire me whilst writing my blog posts!

Fantasia is a blend of Bergamot, Lime, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils, it does smell quite citrussy which I think must be the lime fragrance coming through. The directions say to add 4-6 drops of the Mood Enhancer to a heated vaporiser, and I have been using it in in a little ceramic vaporiser in my workshop whilst I am designing. It gives a lovely uplifting warming scent to the room, and whilst I’m not sure if I have felt more creative whilst using the oil it does definitely help to lift the spirit (especially today when it is so cold outside!). I really love this little product!

Quinessence Fantasia Mood Enhancer Vaporising Oil

As this product is a blend of pure undiluted essential oils you could also add a few drops to a carrier oil and use them for massage or in the bath etc. But do always be careful when using essential oils (particularly if you are pregnant) and seek professional advice before mixing and administering your own blends.

This Fantasia Mood Enhancer is also recommended for use when studying for examinations or tests of any kind, and also aids concentration when driving long distances too – you could just put a few drops onto a cotton wool ball then hide it under your car seat.

If you are interested in finding out more about aromatherapy and how it works there is lots of useful information on the Quinessence website.

Fantasia Mood Enhancer Vaporising Oil is priced at £3.99 for 5ml and is available from Quinessence.

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  1. Are there different scents available?

    • Yes, there are 12 different blends available for different moods. Check out Quinessence’s website and look for Mood Enhancers. xx

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