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Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in Bath & Body | 3 comments

Perfume of the day – The Library Of Fragrance Gin & Tonic

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The Library Of Fragrance Gin & Tonic Review

The Library Of Fragrance only launched in the UK in September 2014, but has been a staple of the USA fragrance market for almost 20 years trading as Demeter Fragrance Library Inc. I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers consulted about The Library Of Fragrance’s new image and products, and was rewarded with my pick of their unusual fragrances – so I chose their 2nd best-seller here in the UK, Gin & Tonic.

The Library Of Fragrance is a range of single scent cologne sprays, many with very unusual names such as Dirt, Fireplace and Leather. The fragrances can be worn on their own or mixed and matched to create millions of different unique scents.

The Library Of Fragrance Gin & Tonic 2

I was expecting Gin & Tonic to have a very perfumey top-note, the one you get when you open a bottle of gin. However it’s much more citrusy and crisp than that – it’s sharp and quite masculine. The fragrance I get when I first spritz it is fresh, citrusy and slightly musky, but it soon fades to a warm, smooth scent. As cologne sprays have a small ratio of perfume oil to alcohol the scent doesn’t last too long unfortunately, after about 5 hours the Gin & Tonic scent is barely noticeable. However the good thing about cologne sprays is that they are more affordable than perfumes and eau de parfums, so you can easily afford to buy a few of these sprays from The Library Of Fragrance and mix and match them.

The Library Of Fragrance Gin & Tonic

I’ve been told that Gin & Tonic goes well paired with the fruitier scents such as Peach and Pomegranate, I think the G&T fragrance will add a sharp kick to the more rounded fruity scents. I’m definitely going to check out some of the other fragrances next time I’m in Boots. Boots stock a limited range of The Library Of Fragrance sprays, while the full collection is available from The Library Of Fragrance website.

The Library Of Fragrance sprays are aimed at both men and women, although there are some of the more floral ones that I feel are more feminine. Some of the more masculine scents would be Mahogany, Leather and Paperback. And the strangest? Oh that would have to be the scent of Pizza!

I really love the Gin & Tonic spray and I’m definitely going to be checking out some of the other fragrances available. I think The Library Of Fragrance has a great unique concept. High class perfumes these aren’t, but they’re full of fun, affordable and different.

Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray is priced at just £15, available from The Library Of Fragrance.

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  1. My local Superdrug has recently brought these in, and I pretty much had to spritz them all! To be honest I wasn’t a fan of Gin & Tonic, I thought it smelled very alcoholic, I wouldn’t want to smell like that – doesn’t give the best impression haha! I thought it was awesome how the scents actually smell like the real thing, like grass and fireplace for example! I really love the sweeter fragrances though, I’m tempted to pick some up x

    • I hadn’t thought of that, I hope I don’t smell like an alcoholic! Haha! xx

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