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Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Random | 3 comments

Organise your life with Busy B stationery

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Organise your life with Busy B Stationery

I’ve got something a bit different for you today… being a beauty blogger it’s really important that I keep organised, and I find it really important to be organised in other areas of my life too – running a home, being self employed, keeping up with friends, etc. This selection of stationery from Busy B has been designed to help make life simpler, and I’ve been using these items to help plan my blog posts.

I have to admit I’m also a complete sucker for stationery, I have rather a collection of notebooks that are all too cute to write in, a collection of animal erasers and anything kawaii always takes my fancy too.

Busy B Stationery 3

The first Busy B product was created in 1997 from a cereal packet and a pair of nail scissors by a busy mum of three, and the products now line the shelves of John Lewis, Lakeland and Hobbycraft thanks to the nifty designs. As well as the usual notebooks and post it notes there are also baby journals, wedding planners and diaries.

Busy B A6 Doggy Notebook

A6 Doggy Notebook – I think this is perhaps my favourite of my 3 Busy B items, I just LOVE a good notebook and there’s nothing like starting on the first page with lots of possibilities ahead of you. This A6 notebook is a great size to keep in handbag or pocket for when you’re out and about, plus it has ruled pages and a storage pocket at the back so you can keep tickets or magazine clippings safe. I love the cute sausage dog design on the front and it would suit adults or children alike.

Busy B Bedside Table Notebook

I’ve started keeping my Doggy Notebook on my bedside table so that I can jot down blog post ideas when I’m in bed (that’s when I get most of my light-bulb moments!).

UPDATE 5th August 2017 – sadly the A6 Doggy Notebook is no longer available, however Busy B have loads of other cute notebook designs available.

Busy B Doggy Page Markers

Doggy Page Markers – from the same cute range as the notebook these Doggy Page Markers are perfect for use as bookmarks, post it notes or to save your place in a book or magazine. There are 60 page markers in a selection of 4 sausage dog designs.

I’ve found that they’re great to use as reminders, and you can use them in conjunction with a notebook to save pages.

Doggy Page Markers are priced at £2.50, available from Busy B.

Busy B Monthly Desktop Planner

Monthly Desktop Planner – the last of my Busy B goodies is this useful planner to help you organise your life. This is probably the most ingenious of the three items and it has a pretty floral cover. There are no dates or years printed in the planner so you can start using it whenever you want and the clever design means it will stand up so you can have it to hand on your desk, kitchen unit or wherever you need it.

Each month is separated into days like a regular calendar so you can plan your weeks and there’s a handy pocket for each month too to keep coupons, cuttings and tickets safe.

I’ve just started using mine to schedule blog posts and to keep snippets of information about the relevant beauty brands safe in the pockets. You could also use it to plan meals (keeping recipes in the pockets), organise your work life, or just use it as a regular calendar.

UPDATE – 5th August 2017 – the Monthly Desktop Planner is no longer available but Busy B has lots of new calendar designs.

Busy B Stationery

This clever range of stationery from Busy B is really beautiful, I was so excited when it arrived and I’m really enjoying using every item. I don’t think it’s overpriced either, the products start from around £2.50.

UPDATE 5th August 2017 – we have since purchased the Family Calendar too, which is great as it has columns for every member of the family (including Tess the cat!) plus a handy storage pocket for each month where I store things like library tickets. Check out Busy B’s range of calendar’s for everyone.

If you like stationery you’ll LOVE Busy B!

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  1. These are super cute. I’m a sucker for stationary. I’m off now to have a look at their website 🙂

  2. I’m sucker for cute packaging. These look gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love these! So cute! The monthly planner is an amazing concept not having the months or year printed!

    Lovely post 😀 xx

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