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Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Skincare | 0 comments

Organic anti-ageing skincare from EKIA

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Organic anti ageing skincare from EKIA review

Regular readers of Beauty Best Friend will know that I’m a real advocate of natural and organic skincare. It’s so important that we know exactly what we’re putting on our skin, and the majority of the high street skincare brands display ingredient lists so long that they struggle to fit them on the packaging. Many of the preservatives and emulsifiers in skincare and make-up can actually have a negative effect on our skin and I’ve seen a definite improvement in my troubled complexion since I made the move to natural skincare.

Natural skincare doesn’t mean all homemade yogurt masks and essential oils, you’re never going to find me in the kitchen whipping up a yogurt and avocado mask to smear on my face! There are a lot of established but little-known brands out there just waiting to be discovered, and I have been trying out three products from one of them.

EKIA (not to be confused with the Swedish home furniture giant) is a French organic skincare brand that focuses on anti-ageing products. Whilst most skincare brands classify all types of mature skin into one category, EKIA have identified three different mature skin types. Aimed at women over 35 years of age there are products aimed at those with Well Preserved Mature Skin, Weakened Matured Skin and Damaged Mature Skin, and there’s a quick diagnostic quiz over on the EKIA website that’ll help you determine which type you have.

I discovered that I have Well Preserved Mature Skin, I’m not far over 35 and don’t have much trace of wrinkles – although I do have some uneven skintone and pigmentation marks under my eyes.

EKIA Radiance Cleansing Water

The first product that I’ve been testing out is Radiance Cleansing Water. Now everything that I’ve said in previous blog posts about micellar water products still stands – in my opinion these should not be used alone to cleanse the skin, but they’re great for a pre-cleanse, for make-up removal or for when you’re in a tent! That said this is a really good example of a micellar water and it removes eye make-up really quickly. The ingredients are 68% organic and it has a slightly sweet scent, I’m guessing it must be one of the organic plant ingredients that gives it this. I’d definitely recommend this, just remember to rinse it off once you’ve used it, these products are NOT water along and contain other ingredients which are best not left on the skin. EKIA also offers a Velvet Cleansing Milk and a Soft & Silky Cleansing Oil which you could use after you’ve removed the bulk of the make-up and grime with the Radiance Cleansing Water.

EKIA Radiance Serum

The second product is Highly Active Radiance Serum, this has been developed for those with dull or pigmented skin. As I already mentioned I have some light pigmentation marks under my eyes and feint scarring from acne under my cheekbones, the active ingredients in this serum helps to reduce these marks once you’ve been using it for 3 months. I’ve only been using for around 1 month so far, I haven’t seen any huge improvement just yet but I’m only one third of the way in so far.

EKIA Serum Sample

The serum is a cream coloured creamy liquid – more like a cream than most of the other serums that I’ve tried – and if you look very closely it has microscopic pink and gold particles in it which help to make skin look brighter and more radiant.

EKIA Anti Ageing Cream

The final product is Corrective Anti-Ageing Skincare, this one is specific to Well Preserved Mature Skin and helps to stimulate the complexion to prevent sagging and wrinkles. It’s quite a thick cream and you need a blob about the size of a large pea to cover your face. It can be used both morning and night although I find it a little bit rich for my oily chin and nose so going forward I’d probably only use it at night, a bit like a nourishing night cream.

EKIA Cream Sample

It has a sweet scent, again from the organic plant extracts, and it’s very pleasant to use – I’d say out of the three products this one is my favourite. I’d definitely consider purchasing this, it feels quite rich and luxurious.

All three of the EKIA products contain regenerative Dragon’s Blood Sap, a powerful antioxidant taken from a tree. This active ingredient has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years for acceleration of wound healing, and it boosts collagen production in the skin.

I’m not sure that the packaging shouts ‘organic’, the EKIA products could easily get overlooked on a shelf with other skincare products and the only thing that suggests they are organic is the tiny wording ‘Certified organic skincare’ right at the bottom of the boxes. I think EKIA should be shouting about this fact, I’m much more likely to buy a skincare product if it’s organic but I don’t think it’s made obvious at all on the packaging.

I think it’s great to have an organic skincare brand developed specifically for mature skin. Older women are often ignored in the world of beauty, but as the population is getting older and we live for longer it’s about time that more brands like this are developed.

Radiance Cleansing Water costs £19 for 200ml, available from EKIA Skincare.

Highly Active Radiance Serum costs £56 for 30ml, available from EKIA Skincare.

Corrective Anti-Ageing Skincare starts at £34 for 30ml, available from EKIA Skincare.

PR samples

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