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Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Haircare | 2 comments

Neal & Wolf – Glow & Harmony

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Neal & Wolf Glow and Harmony Review

When I was asked to try out hair styling products Glow* and Harmony* from Neal & Wolf I was very excited as it’s a brand I have read a lot about recently but have never tried. The brand is all about enjoying a little indulgence every day and this is reflected in their beautiful shimmery premium packaging. Neal & Wolf, the brainchild of Neil Capstick who has worked in the hair industry for over 20 years, has concentrated on bringing out just a small number of products but with the very best ingredients and they are only sold in specially picked salons.

Neal & Wolf  Harmony

The first of the two products that I tested out was Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment which is a conditioner suitable for all hair types. This product has been developed without containing any parabens or sulfates and has not been tested on animals, and I think it’s really great to see more haircare brands shunning some of the nasty ingredients that we find in our cosmetic products.

Harmony is a thick white conditioning cream which should be massaged into the hair for 5 minutes before rinsing off just like a normal conditioner. It has a beautiful luxurious scent which lingers on the hair even after it is dry, and this is one of the things that reinforces Neal & Wolf’s philosophy of everyday indulgences – the product feels and smells like a premium product and I am really enjoying using it. My hair does feel lovely and soft after it has been dried and straightened, and I will continue to use Harmony once a week to keep my hair looking (and smelling) great.

Neal & Wolf Glow

The second product is Glow, a Shine Spray which again is suitable for all hair types. This is a clear spray which should be spritzed over dry hair and it comes out in a fine mist so it’s easy to apply just the right amount and not overdo it. It does give instant shine, and the formula helps to reduce static and therefore reduce frizz although not enough to stop my straightened hair going curly after being caught out in the rain yesterday! The spray again has a lovely scent although this did wear off my hair after a couple of hours, but what I did really enjoy about this product is that it didn’t seem to make my hair get greasy quicker like some shine sprays can do.

Neal & Wolf Glow and HarmonyNeal & Wolf Glow and Harmony

Do you like what I’ve done with the photo above? I got a bit over-enthusiastic with Pixlr-O-Matic, but I think the little starbursts really bring out the beautiful ethereal feel of the luxurious shimmery packaging!

I really enjoyed using both of these products and although they are a little pricey compared with similar high street products they’re definitely worth it if you feel like treating yourself.

Harmony is priced at £13.50 for 200ml and Glow is priced at £12.50 for 100ml, both available from Neal & Wolf, and hand-picked quality salons.

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