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Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Haircare | 3 comments

Naked – Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner

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Naked Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Those of you who are regular readers of Beauty Best Friend will know that I suffer from a very sensitive, itchy scalp and I am constantly on the hunt for haircare products that are natural and non-irritating but that also treat my hair well and leave it feeling soft, shiny and clean.

So far my experience has generally shown me that natural, SLS-free shampoos and conditioners do not irritate the scalp as much as their chemical filled cousins, but that they do not always clean the hair as well and can leave it looking and feeling greasy, sad and lifeless.

One of the first SLS-free shampoo and conditioners that I tried, back in 2013, was Mild Shampoo and Gentle Conditioner from Naked. The relief that I got from my itchy scalp was almost instant, but I did find that it didn’t remove grease and oil from my hair too well, and I had to wash my hair a lot more often. Since then I’ve tried lots of different SLS-free haircare products, all of which have had their benefits and downfalls.

Naked Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner

For the past month I have been using Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo & Conditioner from Naked, aimed at frizzy, dry and damaged hair. As I had found such relief from my itchy scalp when using Naked products previously I wanted to try out another variant to see if it cleaned my hair any better.

Prior to using the Rescue duo I had been having a really hard time with my scalp, but after just the first use of these natural products the itching had subsided about by 75%. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a lovely rich almond scent which stays on the hair after it is dry. The conditioner is a thick, rich cream and it feels like it is giving dry hair a real treat. Unfortunately these Naked products still don’t clean my hair as well as some other products, and I still feel that my hair can look greasy and lank the day after I’ve washed it. I have tried the ‘reverse poo’ method which helps a bit – this means conditioning your hair first, then shampooing it second – but my hair can get very tangled after the shampooing stage.

I’ve decided that going forward I’m going to use the Naked Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner every second or third wash, in order to try and keep the itching at bay, as the Naked range really is the best haircare I’ve tried in terms of stopping my scalp from itching. I’ll use a different shampoo and conditioner in between to try and keep my hair clean.

If you do suffer from a sensitive scalp I’d really recommend Naked haircare products in order to get some relief from the itching – I’ve never tried any other haircare products that stop the itching as fast – but they might not work for you long term in terms of keeping your hair grease-free.

01/03/2016 UPDATE – sadly the Naked brand was discontinued in 2015 so these products are no longer available. If you’re interested in haircare for a sensitive scalp you might be interested in reading my review of Lavera Sensitive Shampoo.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who has a sensitive scalp – what haircare products do you use?

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  1. You may be interested to know that KMI Brands who managed Naked have a new 97% Natural Range of Hair Care products called NOUGHTY

    On sale on their website and also available at Superdrug, online and in-store

    I have used the products and they seem more than a tad similar, if not better formulations than the Naked ones. The Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo and Conditioner smell very coco-nut like, similar to the Naked one you feature in the article ! I love the Noughty Intensive Care leave-in conditioner. There’s a shampoo and conditioner for sensitive scalps too, which i have not tried.

      • Superdrug have the Noughty range on half price offer at the mo so i tried the Noughty Wave Hello Shampoo (couldn’t see with my glasses, grabbed the first shampoo) which bathes the hair in velvet is all i can describe it as and used the Noughty To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner. Wow, the conditioner enabled me to comb through the hair with my fingers, which is a good sign for my ratty hair. The end result was remarkable. Hair felt moisturised and sleek and tamed. I am going to use the To The Rescue Shampoo next time to get full moisture treatment !

        I must say, they have done their homework in regards to reformulation with this range and made it more luxurious. You do need to fully saturate the hair and then some before using the shampoos, though, and they don’t lather up copiously like mainstream sls shampoos which takes some getting used to but the results are better in the long term.

        I also love the Noughty To The Rescue Leave In conditioner; a tiny amount is all I need. I have been searching for two years, since Naked discontinued for a Little Miracle replacement and this is definitely IT with a capital I. It does not go greasy if you are careful with it; it works as a styling cream to tame my mixed curly/wavy textured hair that is on the dry side. I twist hair, pin it up and leave it overnight, unpin several hours later or next day. Result is tamed, bouncy loose large curls, lots of volume. My friend thought I had been to the salon for a fancy blow dry !

        My daughter’s hairdresser says The Noughty To The Rescue Leave In conditioner has made a major repair job of her hair from using it for just over a month as her hair was elastic and brittle from over-bleaching… result !

        The fragrances of the Noughty hair products I have bought bear the more than a resemblance to the fragrances of the Naked ones and the packaging is very similar ! I want to buy the whole range as I like to interchange products and you can do that with ease it seems by the results I had today.

        Overall, I am pleasantly surprised at Noughty hair and hope they launch body care products.

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