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Posted by on Aug 4, 2013 in Makeup | 0 comments

MUA – ‘Flair’ Lengthening Lashes

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MUA Flair Lengthening Lashes Review

I had a party to go to last weekend so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to try out these Flair Lengthening Lashes from budget make-up brand MUA. I only wear false lashes for special occasions and usually wear the 20 Half Lash lashes from Mac (review of these coming soon) but I wanted to try out these budget alternatives to see if they are good value.

I like the packaging of these MUA lashes, the box is fairly durable and you can clearly see the lashes inside. A small pot of eyelash glue is also included, although you can’t see this through the clear window.

These Flair lashes have been created to give your lashes extra length, they are a full lash and they consist of several long lashes with shorter more feathery lashes interspersed inbetween. They give a fairly natural look, you won’t end up looking like a pantomime dame with these! I had to trim a tiny section off the end of each band as they were a little bit long for my eyes, but that’s the great thing about false lashes, you can trim and chop and customise until they are just right for you (and these are so cheap that you can just buy another pair if you go wrong!). Have a look at the completed effect below…

MUA Flair Lengthening Lashes Eye

I always apply mascara to my natural lashes first, before applying the false lashes. This keeps the false lashes clean and free from make-up allowing you to use them again and again.

How to apply false lashes

Dab a tiny amount of glue along the band of the false lashes and give it a minute to start to become tacky. Then press the lashes close to your lash line, and gently push or pull them to adjust them into place, ensuring they are as close to your natural lash line as possible. I like to use my fingers to apply them, but some people do prefer to use tweezers, and make sure you always apply false lashes in bright light with a good sized mirror. To remove them you can just gently pull the lashes away from the eye, it may pull the skin a little bit, but the glue should pull away quite easily. Alternatively you can purchase products that dissolve eyelash glue and make the removal a little easier. Once the lashes have been removed gently pull off any bits of dried glue that are stuck to them, then store them back in the box to keep them in good condition.

These Flair Lengthening Lashes are suitable for everyday as they give such a nice natural look, and I have now resolved that I should wear false lashes more often. Plus, the more I practice applying them the quicker I will get! These budget buys are perfect if you are new to false lashes and want to try them out for the first time but don’t want to spend too much money… or if you wear falsies all the time and need to stock up!

MUA offer 5 styles of false lashes and Flair are the most natural-looking. They are all great value – the regular price is just £2 per pair, but they are currently on offer at half price just £1 per pair, so stock up! Available from MUA Store and Superdrug stores. At this price I don’t know why anyone would buy falsies from anywhere else!

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