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Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Skincare | 1 comment

Moogoo – Oil Cleansing Method

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Moogoo Oil Cleansing Method Review

Apologies again that it’s been a while since I last posted. You may recall that I’d been helping out a local charity with their website? Well that is all completed now but I’ve had some other family stuff going on and with looking after my baby daughter spare time for blogging is pretty scarce at the moment. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm though and am busy planning all sorts of new posts for the future, so watch this space!

Today I wanted to tell you all about a fantastic natural brand, Moogoo. Regular readers of Beauty Best Friend may recall that I reviewed their Full Cream Moisturiser last year, but having received this Oil Cleansing Method* cleanser in a goody bag from a blogger event a couple of months ago it fired up my love for them all over again!

MooGoo is an Australian natural skincare brand that was first created when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem. Their products contain lots of natural oils and are not tested on animals – well, apart from the very first of their products that was created for cows!

Moogoo Oil Cleansing Method Ingredients

Moogoo Oil Cleansing Method is an all natural cleansing oil that can be used in two ways…. you can use it like a wash-off cleanser by applying a few drops to the face then rinsing it off with warm water, or my favourite method is to massage the oil into the skin then place a warm flannel or muslin over the face to allow the oil to draw any impurities out of the skin, before wiping away the oil. This is a great way of starting off a DIY facial at home!

There are four varieties of Oil Cleansing Method, I’ve been using the one for Oily Skin but it’s also available in Normal, Combination and Dry too. The ingredients include ‘drawing oils’ that help to lift dirt and germs off the skin so they can be washed away, plus the Oily one contains Juniper Oil which helps to prevent bacteria on the skin, great for helping keep spots at bay.

Moogoo Oil Cleansing Method  and Moisturiser

The oil feels quite thick and rich when you apply it to your skin and one pump from the bottle is sufficient to thoroughly cleanse your face. It removes make-up in a flash, even mascara and eyeliner, and I love that I don’t have to use a separate eye make-up remover as I don’t always have much time when cleansing my face. When I do have some time I like to apply the oil then place a hot damp flannel over my face and lie down for a couple of minutes, it feels like I’m at a spa plus it helps unclog my pores.

This is definitely a product that I’d recommend, from a great natural brand. All the ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle, plus they have a great section on their website that names and explains all the ingredients that are in each product.

As I mentioned before, why not check out Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser too, I’m using this at the moment and it’s another great natural skincare product.

Oil Cleansing Method is priced at £16.90, available from Moogoo.

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*PR sample from Leeds March Meet blogger event.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this product sounds great.

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