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Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in Makeup | 2 comments

Max Factor – Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks

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Lipstick that lasts all day, Max Factor Lipfinity

Thinking back through the depths of time I think I can remember when Max Factor first launched their Lipfinity range, and it was quite something at the time – the first long-lasting lipstick! I had a friend who wore nothing else and she swore by Lipfinity, although I found the original ones a little too drying on the lips and you had a separate glossy top coat that you could keep applying over the top of the colour which seemed a little too much like reapplying your lipstick to me…

Fast forward several years and Max Factor have recently launched their new range of Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks, a range of 12 shades that last up to 8 hours without having to reapply.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipsticks 2

Encased inside glossy golden bullets these Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks contain a nourishing oil-based emollient rich formula that includes shea butter, and helps to combat the problem of dry lips that you often get with long lasting lip products.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipsticks Swatch

The three shades that I’ve been testing out are (from left to right) – Just Deluxe, Eternally Luscious and Evermore Lush. I’m not too sure that the colour names really describe the colours properly though.

My favourite is Evermore Lush, it’s the dusky rose pink shade, and you can see from the swatch image above that despite being very pigmented and opaque each of the three shades does have a slight shine and gloss to it which is very welcome.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipsticks Lips Evermore Lush

Here’s what Evermore Lush looks like on my lips…. I’ve lined my lips with Helen E Waterproof Protective Lip Liner in Shade 4 which matches really nicely.

The Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick colours feel nice and creamy on the lips and have a pleasant fruity berry taste and scent which is quite subtle and not overpowering. They definitely last a long time too, although you do occasionally have to press and rub your lips together to reinvigorate the colour.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipsticks Review

I have to admit that I’m quite impressed with these Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks, they’re non-drying and stay feeling creamy and nourishing – even after several hours of wear. But then I suppose I’m not really surprised as Max Factor have been developing long lasting lip products for much longer than most other brands.

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks are priced at £8.99 each, available exclusively from Boots.

What do you think to long lasting lipsticks? What other brands have you tried?

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    • These do last quite a few hours… but sadly not all day without a refresh. xx

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