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Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Makeup | 4 comments

MAC – Lipsticks in Japanese Maple & Tanarama

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MAC Lipsticks Japanese Maple & Tanarama Review

There’s something about MAC lipsticks that I just love and I’m not sure what it is. I think it’s maybe the way they are displayed in the shop with all of the shades clearly on view, tempting you to have a look? Or the fact that there are so many shades and finishes to try? Or that the little black bullets look so smooth and sleek? Well whatever it is there is definitely something about a MAC lipstick that just makes you want to buy it, and collect more and more!

My most recent purchases were this Cremesheen Lipstick in Japanese Maple and Frost Lipstick in Tanarama…

MAC Lipstick Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple – There are currently 26 different shades of Cremesheen finish Lipstick, I chose Japanese Maple as I was looking for a nude brown shade and I’d read lots of positive reviews about it. Japanese Maple is a pale nude brown shade with a very slight shimmer, and I love the creamy texture you get from the Cremesheen finish lipsticks.

MAC Lipstick Japanese Maple Lips

In the lip image above I have applied Japanese Maple without using a lipliner as I wanted a gentle natural effect, but I also like to wear it with Clarins Lipliner Pencil in Chocolate and then slightly blend the darker liner into the lipstick to give a defined edge.

MAC Lipstick Japanese Maple Label

You will need to ensure that your lips are smooth and free of any flakes before you apply Japanese Maple as the creamy lipstick settles in any cracks or flakes – just give your lips a gentle rub with a soft damp flannel and then apply a smudge of good lip balm to help prepare them and remove any roughness.

Japanese Maple is a lovely nude lipstick that would suit most skintones, and it’s definitely going to become one of my everyday staples I think.

MAC Lipstick Tanarama

Tanarama– There are currently 26 different shades of Frost finish Lipstick, and to be honest I picked Tanarama on a bit of an impulse! It’s a bit of a lighter shade than I would usually go for and I fancied something a bit different… it has that pale 1960s vibe going on. Tanarama is a very pale frosted golden shade, quite opaque, and again you need to make sure your lips are in good condition before applying it as this one shows up every flake or dry patch.

MAC Lipstick Tanarama Lips

In the lip image above I have applied Tanarama without using a lipliner simply because I can’t find a lipliner pencil this pale! I think Tanarama has a bit of a space-age feel to it. It also has the added benefit of accentuating a tan, making it the perfect holiday lipstick.

MAC Lipstick Tanarama Label

Tanarama would look great with a tanned skin and just a smudge of black eyeliner and black mascara. To be honest it’s a bit pale for my pale skintone, but it does look quite good worn underneath Japanese Maple – it just adds a bit of frosting to Japanese Maple and suits my skintone better.

I’m still a bit in love with Tanarama even though it’s not quite the right shade for me, I think I need to experiment pairing it with lots of bronzer!

MAC Lipsticks Japanese Maple & Tanarama Swatch

Here’s a swatch image so you can compare the two shades. I’d love to know your recommendations of your favourite MAC lipsticks…..

If you like pink MAC Lipsticks you might be interested to read my review of MAC Lipstick in Flamingo.

As with all Mac Lipsticks Japanese Maple and Tanarama are priced at £15.50 each and available to buy from MAC Cosmetics. I will be adding to my MAC Lipstick collection again soon, look out for more reviews.

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