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Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Makeup | 2 comments

MAC – Lash 20 & Duo Adhesive Review

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MAC Lash 20 & Duo Adhesive Review

These are my favourite false lashes and they’re Lash 20 from MAC. I’ve been wearing these for a few years now (well, not this actual same pair!) whenever I have a special event to go to – usually weddings, parties and Christmas.

Lash 20 is a bit different from your usual falsies as they’re only a half lash really, designed to wear on the outside half of your lashline. This makes them a bit easier to apply as there’s not as much of them to position, and they give a beautiful black sweeping lash effect – but they don’t look too artificial.

MAC Lash 20

As with all of MAC’s false lashes, Lash 20 come packaged on a white plastic tray, in a little clear perspex sleeve which keeps the lashes safe and protected when you’re not wearing them. They don’t come with any lash glue, so I use MAC Duo Lash Adhesive which you have to buy separately. It’s not cheap, but it’s quite a big 14g tube and lasts for ages – it’s much better quality than the free glue that you often get with lashes too. I even know someone who manages to leave her false lashes on for 2 days when she uses MAC Duo Adhesive! Not sure I’d recommend sleeping in them though!

MAC Duo Adhesive

You apply MAC Lash 20 in the same way as you would any other false lashes – apply a little glue to the band of the lashes, leave for around 30 seconds until the glue gets tacky then carefully press the band to your lashline. I apply the lashes with my fingers, then do any rearranging with a pair of tweezers. As long as you’ve already applied mascara to your natural lashes before applying your falsies you don’t need to apply any more mascara after they’re applied (the lashes last much longer this way too). They’re easy to remove too – just a gentle pull and they come away, although the Duo Adhesive does give them a bit more of a strong bond than other glues.

I first wore MAC Lash 20 on my wedding day five years ago, and I’ve never looked back!

MAC Lash 20 Eyes

Here they are when I wore them a few weeks ago for a friend’s wedding, along with a very lovely green eyeshadow look I created using Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette. You can see that the lashes on the inner eye are my own and look natural, but towards the outside of the eyes the lashes look much thicker and wing outwards.

Lash 20 is priced at £10.50 per pair, available from MAC Cosmetics.

Duo Adhesive is priced at £10 for a 14g tube, available from MAC Cosmetics.

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