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Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Makeup | 0 comments

L’Oreal Paris – Super Liner in Black Crystals

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LOreal Paris Super Liner in Black Crystals Review

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Super Liner Black Lacquer in Black Vinyl from L’Oreal Paris, and today I am reviewing the same liquid eyeliner in Black Crystals.

The Super Liner is a black liquid eyeliner in felt tip form. Black Crystals is a deep intense black shade with tiny gold flecks in it. You can just about pick out the gold shimmer from the swatch image below but the gold particles really are tiny. It needs a good shake before each use too to ensure that the gold flecks are evenly distributed throughout the eyeliner.

LOreal Paris Super Liner in Black Crystals Swatch

The applicator is a bit like that of a felt tip pen, although the spongy nib is very long and thin and slightly bendy which allows you to apply a really thin line of eyeliner if you want. I actually find this easier than using a liquid eyeliner that has a brush applicator, and I like to apply it AFTER my mascara so that I can get up really close to my lashline and it also prevents any mascara smudges from marring the pristine glossy effect of the liner.

The image below shows the sponge-tipped nib quite clearly.

LOreal Paris Super Liner in Black Crystals

Despite being nice and easy to apply the effect isn’t quite as great when it’s actually on the eye. The effect of the gold crystals doesn’t really show up when on the eye and it looks like any old black liquid eyeliner.

LOreal Paris Super Liner in Black Crystals Eye

I have found that after wearing it for a few hours the eyeliner looks a bit patchy and faded and loses the rich intense black colour that you get when you first apply it. I had been expecting great things from the Super Liner in Black Crystals but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed as it isn’t nearly as good as its Black Vinyl counterpart. If you’re thinking about purchasing a L’Oreal Paris Super Liner then I would definitely recommend picking the Black Vinyl shade, it’s really intense and glossy and extremely long lasting.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner in Black Crystals is priced at £6.49, available from Feel Unique.

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