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Posted by on Nov 1, 2014 in Makeup | 4 comments

Let’s Go Lashes – Strip Lashes in Tease 1

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Lets Go Lashes Tease 1 Review

I’m not someone who wears false lashes every day, but I do like them for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or big night out. I was lucky enough to be sent these Let’s Go Lashes in Tease 1 to try out, so I saved them for last Saturday night when we went out for my husband’s birthday meal with my family.

Let’s Go Lashes, from Nouveau Lashes, are super-fast strip lashes available in a huge range of thickness, lengths and colour. There are 40 designs in all, split into four ranges – Flirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker – so there’s something to suit everyone.

Lets Go Lashes Tease 1

I have been using number 1 lashes from the Tease range – full length and full bodied, these aren’t for the faint hearted! Each set of Let’s Go Lashes comes with a tiny tube of latex eyelash glue so you don’t need any special equipment to apply them, it’s all in the box.

I find the best way to apply lashes is to apply the glue to the strip then wait for around 30 seconds until it starts to turn tacky. Then I carefully press the lashes onto my lash line with my fingers before using tweezers to adjust them if required. Nouveau Lashes have produced a short YouTube video that shows the recommended way to apply Let’s Go Lashes, you can check that out here –

Lets Go Lashes Tease 1 With Glue

The image below shows just how full on Tease 1 lashes are, compare the fluttery Let’s Go lashes on my right eye with my natural lashes on the left eye! There’s no need to apply mascara to the Let’s Go Lashes after you’ve applied them, and providing you remove them carefully (just a gentle pull should do it) you can re-use them again and again.

Lets Go Lashes Tease 1 Eyes

I really like these Tease 1 strip lashes from Let’s Go Lashes, I find they’re really good quality and you can pop them back in the box to store them when you’re not using them. They’re probably a little bit too full on for me, I usually wear something a little bit more natural, but I’ll be checking out the other styles of Let’s Go Lashes to find something I like – I think something in the Flirt range might be a bit better for me.

UPDATE 14TH JULY 2017 – Sadly Let’s Go Lashes are no longer available, but you might be interested in some of the other falsies that I’ve reviewed. My favourites are Lash 20 from MAC (a fantastic natural looking half lash).

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  1. These look so good for dramatic lashes! I actually prefer ore natural looking fake lashes (there’s an oxymoron haha!) but these would make a good alternative 🙂 the packaging looks like a phone case!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

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