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Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Makeup | 2 comments

Let your make-up sparkle with StarGazer!

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StarGazer Glitter Shaker & Glitter Fix Gel Review

Just a really quick review today to tell you about these cute glittery products from StarGazer that I recently picked up. Last Christmas I spent loads of time researching glittery eyeshadow as I wanted something that would really sparkle and stand out – I didn’t end up buying anything as everything that I found was either not glittery enough or it was really expensive….

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was in a discount beauty store in York and I spotted these little StarGazer Glitter Shaker pots which cost just £3 each – just what I’d been looking for!

StarGazer Glitter Shaker & Glitter Fix Gel

The Glitter Shaker contains regular loose cosmetic-grade glitter, there are loads of colours and finishes available but I went for the silver colour as it goes with most things. You also need the StarGazer Glitter Fix Gel to make the glitter adhere to the skin.

StarGazer Glitter Shaker

The Glitter Shaker has little sieve-like holes in the top so you can sprinkle out just as much as you want. I like to put the lid on then tip the shaker upside down to dispense a little bit of glitter, then place the shaker the right way up, remove the lid, and use the glitter that has collected in the top.

I apply the Glitter Fix Gel with my finger so I don’t end up with make-up or dirt on the applicator, leave it a few seconds, then apply a tiny amount of glitter over the gel with a fine ended eyeshadow brush. The gel can take a minute or two to dry and fix the glitter in place, but once it’s dried I find it holds tight all evening.

StarGazer Glitter Shaker & Glitter Fix Gel Eye

I created a smokey eye for a party last week and finished it off with a tiny sprinkle of glitter. As you can see there can be a bit of drop-off, with stray glitter flakes falling underneath the eyes or onto the cheeks, but it’s easy enough to tidy up with a damp cotton bud.

I absolutely love these products, it’s proper glitter and can be used on any part of the body, plus they’re such good value. For less than a fiver you can buy both the products and apply glitter wherever you want!

StarGazer Glitter Shaker Colours

Image courtesy of

There are 6 regular colours of Glitter Shaker available, but there are other finishes too, including UV and holographic glitter.

These Glitter Shakers are perfect for Christmas parties, and you can use the glitter on your eyes, lips or nails – for glittery nails just apply a clear gloss nail polish then dip your nail into the glitter while the polish is still wet.

Buy StarGazer Glitter Shakers at just £3 each, available from Amazon.

Buy StarGazer Glitter Fix Gel at just £1.64, available from Amazon.

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  1. Great post! I’ve been wanting to try some glitters for ages and these are such a good price! 😀

    Bex x


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