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Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in Skincare | 0 comments

KOREAN BEAUTY Thelavicos – Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule

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Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule Review

I am currently taking part in an initiative working with BNT News International, a global beauty/fashion/lifestyle and entertainment source based in Seoul, South Korea. I am helping BNT to promote a selection of new and exciting Korean beauty products to a UK audience, these are products that you probably won’t have seen before and some of them are really different and unique.

You may have already seen some of my previous Korean beauty reviews, such as this post about Daeng Gi Meo Ri Oriental Special Shampoo.

Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule Box

Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule* is a new product from Korean brand Thelavicos. The products come packaged in the silver box pictured above, it really looks luxurious and special. The box contains 4 small bottles or ampoules – ‘ampoule’ is described in the dictionary as ‘a small sealed glass capsule containing a liquid’.

Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule

Inside each ampoule is a clear gel, and suspended above it is a chamber of tiny orange beads – these are Vitamin C powder. You can see the contents a bit more clearly in the close-up image below…

Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule Close Up

In order to use the product you push the pump on the top of the bottle and this releases the orange beads into the gel. Then you shake to mix the Vitamin C powder into the gel, making it look cloudy. Then you use the contents just like a regular serum, applying to skin in between cleansing and moisturising. Each ampoule should last around one week (once mixed it should be kept for no longer than two weeks).

Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule feels just like a regular serum when you apply it to the skin, it’s not sticky and it’s quite runny. It does make my skin tingle a little bit after applying it, probably because Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and I’d recommend you follow with a good thick moisturiser particularly if you have sensitive skin. You are supposed to use the full system (which should take around 4 weeks) in order to start seeing the benefits which are promised to be whiter clearer skin. I’ve only been using it for 1 week and can’t see a difference yet, but I have read a couple of reviews from other bloggers to say it does whiten the skin. To be honest I’m not sure I really want whiter skin, I’m already pale as it is!

Thelavicos Whitening Vitamin C Ampoule Before After

The image above shows the ampoules before and after the Vitamin C powder beads have been mixed with the clear gel.

Vitamin C is a very powerful ingredient in skincare, it’s an antioxidant which helps to prevent premature ageing and it also boosts the production of collagen.

As with several of the Korean products that I’ve reviewed I’m struggling to find anywhere that ships to the UK that stocks this product, however it’s probably because it’s very new – it only launched last month! So keep an eye on eBay as that’s where this type of product usually pops up first.

To find out what else is hot in Korean beauty why not check out BNT News.

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