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Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Skincare | 0 comments

KOREAN BEAUTY Lamy – Real Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack

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Lamy Real Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack ReviewI am currently taking part in an initiative working with BNT News International, a global beauty/fashion/lifestyle and entertainment source based in Seoul, South Korea. I am helping BNT to promote a selection of new and exciting Korean beauty products to a UK audience, these are products that you probably won’t have seen before and some of them are really different and unique.

You may have already seen some of my previous Korean beauty reviews, such as this post about 3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon.

Today I am reviewing Real 97% Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack from Lamy. These are anti-aging sheet face masks where the actual sheet is made from food-grade rice paper. I think the word ‘Eating’ in the title is a bit misleading – you’re not actually going to eat your face mask! But it does suggest that the mask is natural and made from ingredients that would be safe to eat.

I was sent three varieties of Mask Pack to try out – Green Tea, Turmeric and Black Rice. My favourite is the Green Tea, it aims to add moisture and radiance to the skin, and since I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea recently to try and detox my body I thought this would be a great ingredient to apply to the skin too.

Lamy Real Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack Directions

The mask inside the packet is dry and comes with a little sachet of essence that you add to make it wet. I was a bit confused with the directions though – the pictures (above) show you need to pour the essence onto the dry mask, but in the worded instructions it says to apply the essence directly to your face before applying the dry mask over the top. I massaged the essence directly into my face first as I thought this might be less messy – I have found that a lot of sheet masks can be quite drippy – and then placed the dry sheet mask over the top. It adhered fairly well to my moist face and I think this is quite a good way of applying a sheet mask. Sadly I didn’t take a photo of myself wearing the mask – it was just too scary!

Lamy Real Rice Paper Eating Mask Pack Open

The Rice Paper mask comes in two sections, one that fits over the top half of the face and one that fits over the lower cheeks and mouth. I thought this was a great idea as sheet masks are usually ‘one size fits all’ and as a result never fit very well.

My skin felt refreshed and soft after using the mask, and whilst I usually prefer regular face masks to the sheet versions I actually thought these Rice Paper masks had been designed really well.

The Turmeric mask aims to freshen and firm skin, and the Black Rice mask gives radiance.

Lamy Real 97% Rice Paper Eating Mask Packs are available on eBay, starting from around £7 plus postage from South Korea.

Have you ever tried any Korean beauty products? Which are your favourites and why?

To find out what else is hot in Korean beauty why not check out BNT News.

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