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Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Bath & Body | 0 comments

KOREAN BEAUTY It’s not for dogs…

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Homme Terrior Review

“Is it for dogs?” was my husband’s first question when I showed him this Homme Terrior* All In One product from Korea! Obviously the name shows more than a slight resemblance to a type of dog here in the UK, but it’s definitely a product for men!

I am currently taking part in an initiative working with BNT News International, a global beauty/fashion/lifestyle and entertainment source based in Seoul, South Korea. I am helping BNT to promote a selection of new and exciting Korean beauty products to a UK audience, these are products that you probably won’t have seen before and some of them are really different and unique.

You may have already seen some of my previous Korean beauty reviews, such as this post about 3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon.

Homme Terrior

This Homme Terrior All In One reminds me a bit of an aftershave from the 1970s with its strong black bottle and golden lion on the lid. I was actually a bit surprised when I received it from BNT as I only generally review beauty products for women, but Mr Beauty Best Friend stepped up for the cause and tried this one out (with some hesitation!).

I think it’s supposed to be a cross between an aftershave balm and a moisturiser. It has quite a watery texture a bit like a pale white serum and the ingredients include Vitamin C and pure spring water from Newfoundland, Canada. It aims to moisturise, firm and nourish the skin although Mr BBF felt it was a bit too watery to have much of a moisturising effect on the skin. It has a strong fragrance that I quite like, it smells very much like CKOne, and I think if you bought this to use as an aftershave or fragrance you wouldn’t be disappointed… as long as you can get past the strange name!

Sadly Homme Terrior All In One isn’t currently available in the UK so even if you wanted to treat your other half to a bottle you wouldn’t be able to. But if you keep your eye on eBay one may pop up now and again.

Have you ever tried any Korean beauty products? Which are your favourites and why?

To find out what else is hot in Korean beauty why not check out BNT News.

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*PR Sample

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