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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in Nails & Nail Art | 3 comments

KISS – Gel Fantasy Nails

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KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Review

It was my birthday yesterday and to celebrate I thought I’d try out these Gel Fantasy* false nails from KISS. It’s ages since I’ve had nails this long, and whilst it does feel very glamorous I’d forgotten how difficult it is to do everyday tasks like type on a keyboard and open cans!

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Packaging

Gel Fantasy are ready to wear stick-on false nails with a shiny gel-like finish. I am wearing the ‘Freshen Up’ style, a glossy black with tiny flecks of holographic glitter and large hexagons of silver glitter. The nails themselves are very long, thick plastic with a shiny clear coating, and whilst I’m not totally convinced they look like gel nails they do look very good.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Pack

The pack contains 24 nails in varying sizes, a file, a wooden stick, both glue and adhesive pads and full instructions. I like the fact that you can choose how you want to apply the nails – either using traditional nail glue or the pads – I went for the glue as I tend to find that nails applied with glue last longer.

I found that there were a good range of sizes with the nails, I have quite small hands and nails and there were plenty to fit me. The nails are all numbered underneath too which is a godsend when you’re trying to match up the nails for each hand – I don’t know why more nail companies don’t do this.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Freshen Up

I really like false nails for wearing nail art or really glittery nails as they’re so quick to apply, and to be honest it’s probably quicker to remove them than to remove a good glitter polish! The only downside of these Gel Fantasy nails is that a few of the glitter flakes are slightly raised and feel a bit rough, but you can file them down using the enclosed nail file.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Close Up

Overall I think these are really good quality false nails, I’ve had them on a few days now and there’s no sign of any of them pinging off. When it comes to removing them I’ll soak my nails in a drop of nail varnish remover for a few minutes and I’m hoping they’ll just pop straight off!

KISS Gel Fantasy nails are currently available in good ASDA stores (although not yet on their website). If you want to buy online have a look on EBay, there are currently a few designs available although I can’t see the black Freshen Up ones available on there yet.

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*PR sample


  1. This particular color/pattern, the black with glitter has been discontinued. And I HATE THAT. I have the worst luck. Every time I find something I totally LOVE, next thing I know- DISCONTINUED! It is unnerving. Oh and some drug stores amd Walmarts in the Usa will have this excat nail on their websites but DONT ORDER. I ordered 5packages. I was THRILLED! Until I opened the parcel. They were all different packages, they were shipped back to Shitmart!

    • Oh that is a shame, I’ll update the post when I get a minute. I hate it when stores leave discontinued products on their website, why don’t they just remove them!? xx

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