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Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Makeup, Skincare | 4 comments

Kiehl’s – Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream

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Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Review

A few weeks ago I visited the Kiehl’s store in York for a personalised complimentary facial, you may want to read my review about what happened and the new skincare regime that was recommended for me. One of the products that was recommended for me was this Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream and I was sent away with a sample-size tube to try at home.

Now despite the rather long and complicated name (a lot of Kiehl’s products have these!) this is actually a really great simple product and I loved it so much that last week I went back to store and treated myself to a full size product.

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream

Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is such a great product. It’s a really light base, very much like a light tinted moisturiser that you can just rub onto your skin each morning – I just use my fingers and it doesn’t need much blending as it’s so sheer. Most of the BB Creams that I’ve tried in the past give my skin a false plastic-y shine, but not this one… the thing that I love about this product so much is that it just makes my skin look like my skin, but clearer and with a more even skintone. It doesn’t completely cover blemishes, nor does it totally hide redness, but it covers just enough to make it look like your skin is better than it is and looks like you’re not wearing make-up. Plus it has a yummy spicy scent that reminds me a bit of Christmas cake!

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Product

Now of course, a lot of days you DO want it to look like you are wearing make-up, and you might want to completely cover all blemishes and marks on your skin, and these aren’t days for using this Kiehl’s BB Cream. But for days when I’m staying at home but maybe need to pop out to the supermarket, or if I think a friend might be calling round to drop something off, and I don’t want a full face of make-up but don’t want to look like I just crawled out of bed then this product is perfect!!

The 30ml tube is only quite small, but as I only use it two or three days a week it’s going to last me for ages.

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Swatch

I’ve been using the ‘Fair’ shade of this product which is the lightest one – it comes in three shades – and in the swatch image above you can see that the coverage is fairly light even though I haven’t blended it in very well (if I blended it in you wouldn’t be able to see it!).

Not only does it make the skin look great, but it also contains SPF50 to help prevent skin from the sun’s damaging effects, so it’s a perfect product to pack for the beach too.

Kiehls Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream Packaging

It’s not just me who loves this product either… a few weeks ago I attended a Kiehl’s VIP Blogger Evening at their York store and one of the bloggers had a facial whilst we were there. The Store Manager used this BB Cream on her and after arriving home and seeing her skin properly in a mirror she immediately went online and ordered some! This really is my favourite base for those ‘no make-up’ days, I can’t recommend it enough!

Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream is priced at £24.50 for 30ml, available from Kiehl’s.

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    • If you visit your nearest Kiehl’s store they will give you a free skin check and send you away with some samples to try. xx

  1. I’m desperate to try some Kiehl’s products, and this one sounds lovely 🙂

    Claire | | xx

    • This one is definitely worth trying. Plus if you visit one of their stores they’ll give you a free skin check and mini-facial and send you away with some samples to try. xx


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