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Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Makeup | 0 comments

Is blusher going out of fashion?

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Is blusher going out of fashion

So the hottest make-up trend on the block is currently contouring, everyone’s having a go (some successfully and some unsuccessfully!). Made ever more popular by Kim Kardashian’s pre-contour blending selfies that showed how even top celebrities need a bit of extra help to get that chiselled look. And have you seen Adele’s cheekbones in the Hello video!? Stunning.

So in this contour fuelled frenzy has good old blusher lost its place in the make-up ranks? Are we all ditching the rosy cheeked fresh faced look for sharp cheekbones and highlighted nose tips?

Personally I love a bit of blusher – it can give your face a real pick-me-up when you’re looking a bit pasty and tired, or a subtle glow in the Summer. Cream blush can double up as a lip product and it’s been a favourite product for so long that there’s a blusher out there to suit everyone. Did you know that blusher (called ‘rouge’ back then) was used as early as in Ancient Egypt? And crushed mulberries were used in Ancient Greece to give skin a rosy glow. So it’s been around for thousands of years and I have a feeling it’s not about to take a back seat now!

Here are a couple of modern blush products that keep blushers current and modern and take it to the next level…

Illamasqua Blush Duo 2

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo 2 – despite reading so much about the brand this is the first product from Illamasqua that I’ve tried. The two shades are called Katie (a pale candy pink) and Ambition (a gold tinted rosy neutral) and I love the fact that this is a duo – you can use the shades individually or blend them together for a different effect.

Illamasqua Blush Duo 2 Close Up

The two blush powders can be used dry or wet, for a little more intensity just dampen your blush brush before applying. Illamasqua is well known for its theatrical colours and the products are used by many make-up artists, theatre companies and drag queens who want something a little bit different. I love the ethos of the brand – anything goes and it’s ok to want to be different and to stand out.

The only downside of this product is that the powders are quite soft and lots of loose powder spills out of the pan every time you sweep your brush over it, so just make sure you don’t get it on your clothes.

Illamasqua Blush Duo 2 Swatch

The colours are very pigmented and it’s easy to apply a bit too much so you need to take it steady and just apply a small amount and blend well – you can always add a bit more over the top to build up the colour gradually.

You can also use both these blush shades as eyeshadows. Personally I don’t find that pink shades work on my eyes but the paler colour (Katie) would work really nicely as an all over eyelid highlighter for some people.

This is a great blush palette, very modern and multi-tasking. Definitely one to try out and it’s available in two other shade combinations too.

UPDATE 21st July 2017 – Illamasqua have discontinued this particular Powder Duo, however the two shades of blusher cool pink Katie and rosy Ambition are available individually at £23 each.

Clarins Blush

Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Blush in 05 Rose – Clarins do a great range of make-up and despite keeping colours rather safe they do quality and modern really well. This is a cream blush that can be used on both cheeks and lips, again another multi-tasker!

Clarins Blush Close Up

Rose is a mid peachy pink shade suitable for most skintones, it gives a subtle glow to my pale skin but can also be used with more intensity on darker skins. It suits tanned faces too and is perfect for Summer. As with all cream blushes it works best over a non-powder base – apply after BB cream, tinted moisturiser or liquid foundation – and once applied it dries to a smooth powder finish.

As a rule I’m not usually keen on cream blushes as I find a lot of them sticky and feel cloying on the skin and can be difficult to blend. Not this one though, it has a lovely light consistency and feels slightly slippery making it easy to blend. I like to use my fingers to apply but you can also use a stippling brush (my fave is Real Techniques Stippling Brush).

Clarins Blush Swatch

There are five shades of Clarins Multi-Blush available in total, all in fairly safe pinky shades that will suit any skintone.

Illamasqua and Clarins Blush Packaging

So before you banish the blush palettes to the back of your make-up drawer in favour of contouring creams and highlighters take another look… Do you want to be looking back on your photos from 2016 in twenty years and laughing at the brown and white stripes all over your face? Or are you ready to take a stand and ‘bring back the blush’? After all, a product that’s been around since the Ancient Egyptians isn’t going anywhere.

What’s your favourite modern blush product?

UPDATE 21st July 2017 – Illamasqua have discontinued this particular Powder Duo, however the two shades of blusher cool pink Katie and rosy Ambition are available individually at £23 each.

Clarins Multi-Blush is priced at £18.50.

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