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Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Random | 14 comments

How to make easy extra money online every month

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8 ways to make money online

As a beauty blogger I end up spending a lot of my disposable income on skincare and make-up…. plus haircare, nail polish, supplements, fragrance, the list goes on. All in the name of blogging, obvs! (Well, that’s what I like to tell myself.) Anyway, I like to supplement my monthly spending by making a bit of extra money on the side. As I have a toddler to look after I don’t have a lot of spare time, so these are all quick and easy methods of making money that you can do online in your own time.

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a survey website, and it’s my favourite. It’s easy to earn £30 or more each month using Prolific Academic and unlike other survey sites it only shows you the surveys that you’re eligible for so you don’t spend ages answering questions only to find out you’ve been screened out. Some of the surveys take as little as 2 minutes, other takes slightly longer, but it tells you before starting how long it’s going to take. The surveys usually pay up to around £3 depending on the complexity. Most of the surveys are issued by universities and those conducting scientific research and they can be really interesting. I usually check the website on my phone a few times a day to see if there are any surveys available for me to take, it doesn’t take long, and I often complete surveys in an evening whilst watching TV or while my daughter is napping. You can cashout your earnings via Paypal from as little as £5, and last month I earned £40.85 from Prolific Academic. This is a really popular way of earning a little bit of extra cash, and it’s definitely my favourite survey website – if you were just going to sign up for one survey website I’d really recommend Prolific Academic.

Sign up to Prolific Academic!


20 Cogs

20 Cogs is a money making site that offers you tasks or ‘cogs’ and you earn money for each cog that you complete. The tasks include things like entering competitions, opening survey accounts and taking out free trials. If there’s a cog that you don’t fancy you can swap it for another one, so you end up choosing the offers that suit you. Occasionally a cog might require you to spend money (usually only a pound or two) but you can always skip these if you prefer, and the reward for the cog will always outweigh the small spend. Once you’ve completed all 20 Cogs you can cashout the full reward from all of the tasks, it’s usually around £200. Many of the cogs only take a couple of minutes to complete and can be quite fun. I’m about three quarters of my way through the cogs and I’m at £159 so far, I’m hoping to complete them by the end of May and cash out my earnings! 20 Cogs is an easy way of making a substantial amount of money, but it can take a few weeks as some of the free trial offers require you to have the account for up to a month, so it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Also, I’d recommend making a diary note of any free trials that need cancelling, so you don’t end up getting billed for something you don’t want. As long as you’re pretty organised 20 Cogs is a great way of making around £200.

Sign up to 20 Cogs!



I published a full post about Quidco and how I use it a couple of years ago, so if you want to know the full details I recommend you read that. But in summary Quidco is a cashback website that you sign up to then click through from it every time you do any online shopping, earning you a percentage of cashback based on your spend. It’s pretty amazing – free money basically – and I love to use it whenever I shop for beauty products, fashion, household items, pretty much anything! There’s a Quidco app for your phone too which means it’s really easy to check and see which shops are registered. Most of the big shops are on there, for example Boots (up to 8% cashback), New Look (10% cashback), ASOS (10% cashback), The Body Shop (4% cashback), Clarins (9% cashback) and Space NK (6% cashback). Plus you can earn a lump sum of around £25-£30 for taking out a new credit card or purchasing a new mobile phone.

I’ve been using Quidco for a couple of years now and I’ve already earned over £430! It’s really easy to use once you’ve signed up, and whatever you’re into you can earn free cash just by shopping for things you’re buying anyway. I really can’t understand why someone wouldn’t use Quidco!

To find out more you can read my full post about Quidco. Or why not just sign up to Quidco now and start making money!

Sign up to Quidco!


Mint Vine

Mint Vine is a fun way to earn a bit of extra cash doing surveys and completing offers. I find that you do get screened out of a fair few surveys, so I don’t like it quite as much as Prolific Academic, but you still get points for these and you can earn 5 points every day just by completing the daily question. You can also earn extra points by signing up for competitions and shopping, which can be handy if it’s items you’re going to be buying anyway. Once you’ve earned 1,000 points, the equivalent of $10, you can withdraw your money via Paypal (obviously this is then converted into pounds). Mint Vine is really easy to use and it’s fun too. I’ve been using Mint Vine for around a year and I’ve cashed out around £30 so far, however I only use it occasionally so it would be really easy to make more than that if you have a bit more time.

Sign up to Mint Vine!


Free Online Lotteries

These are basically online lotteries that don’t cost you anything to enter. They make their money from the advertising that appears on their sites, and they really work – in the past year I have won money on three of them!


Free Postcode Lottery

Free Postcode Lottery is another one of my favourite lotteries, I’ve been doing it for around a year and have already won the Stackpot draw once, plus I know of someone who recently won the Survey draw too. There are six daily draws on Free Postcode Lottery so you have more chances to win, you just sign up and enter your postcode, it’s really easy. The Main Draw regularly reaches the likes of £1,000, with the Survey draw rising up to several hundred pounds too. You also gain bonus points for checking the draws regularly and this bonus is converted into money and added to your winnings. Free Postcode Lottery is really easy to sign up for and good fun.

Sign up to Free Postcode Lottery!


Lucky Phone Draw

At first glance it looks a bit confusing but Lucky Phone Draw is actually really simple! Once you sign up your phone number is entered into 3 daily draws, and you can win up to around £1,000 if it’s picked for the Main Draw. You can also earn points if your phone number includes a certain number of the same digits as the winning number (you get free points on your birthday too!), and these points then add up and can be cashed out via Paypal. I recently won £25 on Lucky Phone Draw, and I’ve also cashed out over £10 a couple of times from my points. You don’t need to worry about your phone number being given away if you win, the winning numbers are always arranged in numerical order to protect the winner’s privacy, and you can enter more than one number too – I’ve got my mobile, home phone and partner’s mobile registered so I’ve got more chances to win! The jackpots are often quite small, but there are more chances to win on Lucky Phone Draw and I know of another couple of people who’ve won on this free lottery (one of which had quite a big win!).

Sign up to Lucky Phone Draw!


Badger The Button

Badger The Button is a great fun moneymaking site, and it’s quite different from the other lotteries in that you create more chances to win by just pressing the button – the more times you press per day the more times you are entered into the draws! There’s a daily draw, a weekly draw and a monthly draw, plus there are sometimes other extra draws. Once you’ve pressed, or ‘badgered’, the button there’s a period of time where you can’t press it again, but if you come back within a few minutes of that time and press again you get extra entries! You also earn bonus points too which are added to your winnings. I’ve won on Badger The Button too, just £10 but every little helps!

Sign up to Badger The Button!


Start A Blog!

Another great way of making money can be to start up a blog. It’s really easy to set up and can be done in a couple of hours, you can write about whatever you’re interested in. Once you’ve built up a bit of content there are loads of ways to get your blog to start making money for you including advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Check out this amazing blog course that I took that really helped start kick start my blog into making money.


Want a bargain?

If you’re into saving and making money then you won’t want to miss my post that tells you how you can get £10 OFF your first skincare and make-up order at Feel Unique.


So what do you think of these moneymaking ideas? Are you going to try some of them out? Do you know of any other good websites that I’ve missed out? I’d love to know what you think!

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8 ways to make extra money online


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  1. I love the micro jobs that don’t require much effort or time. I have done quite a few but found surveys to really just be a time suck with very little pay-off. Sounds like you found some great ideas.

    • Prolific Academic is definitely the best. You don’t get screened out as it’s already picked the surveys that you’ve been accepted for. xx

  2. Prolific Academic sounds great and I love the idea of being able to earn some extra cash just while I watch TV or do something like that!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • It’s great Julia, it’s my favourite survey website and it’s really easy to make over £30 each month. x

  3. I’ve just signed up to prolific academic! it sounds so good!

    • It really is the best survey site. You’ll need to check it occasionally to see if there are any surveys, but I easily make £30 per month using it. x

  4. Thank you for your article, I’ve never thought of those. I can’t wait to try one 🙂

    • They’re definitely worth checking out, everyone loves free money, right? xx

  5. I definitely need to check these out! I do the exact same thing as you and tell myself all the things I buy are for blogging purposes haha, oops. This is a really useful post, thank you! x

    • They’re all great ways of making a bit of extra money but my favourite is Prolific Academic, it’s so easy to make £30 each month. xx

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all of these great websites – I’d never heard of any of them before! I’m going to go sign up for a few now 🙂

    • You’re welcome Courtney! My favourites are Prolific Academic & Mintvine. xx

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