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Posted by on Sep 16, 2016 in Random | 0 comments

How to lose the baby weight with Slendertoxtea

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Lose the baby weight with Slendertoxtea

It’s now almost a year since I gave birth to my fantastic baby daughter (where does that time go?) and despite my best intentions to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight as quickly as possible it got to the Summer and I was still a good few pounds above where I wanted to be.

I had put on about two stone whilst I was pregnant and about half of that disappeared when I gave birth. I continued to drop another few pounds in the first few weeks of motherhood – partly from breastfeeding and partly from a nasty kidney infection which floored me for a couple of weeks – but then came Christmas and I couldn’t resist indulging, particularly in alcohol which I’d been avoiding for nine months! So a few pounds crept back on and then despite a few attempts in 2016 to eat healthily I hovered around the same weight, feeling stuck. I needed something to give me a bit of a push in the right direction and some motivation – and I found it in the shape of Slendertoxtea!

If you’ve not heard of Slendertoxtea it’s a detox in the form of tea that you drink every day for a short period of time, and it aids weight loss by increasing the metabolism and also reduces bloating and helps to increase energy levels. The ingredients are all organic and include hawthorn berry and dandelion leaf, plus the tea is free from calories too.

So how does it work?

You get two packets of teabags in a Teatox, a Daytox packet and a Sleeptox packet. You drink one cup of the Daytox tea in the morning using 1 teabag, then you drink one cup of the Sleeptox tea every other night before bed using 1 teabag. The Sleeptox helps to gently flush out your system while you sleep.

You just make the Slendertoxtea as you would a regular tea, pop the teabag in the cup, add hot water and leave for 3-5 mins, then drink without milk. You can drink it cold if you prefer, plus you can add sweeteners or honey if you like your tea a bit sweeter, I like mine hot without any sweetener. It tastes pretty much like any other black tea, with a slight herby aftertaste, if you enjoy drinking green tea or herbal teas then I’m sure you’ll love it.

Slendertoxtea Daytox and Sleeptox

What are the benefits of Slendertoxtea?

As I’ve already mentioned the main benefits are weight loss through the increasing of the metabolism, increased energy and increased energy levels. I also found that my skin improved considerably whilst I was on the programme, evidence that my body really had got rid of all the toxins that was making my skin dull and blemished.

I definitely felt less bloated too. I try to avoid eating a lot of bread as it makes my tummy swell (and I don’t want to look pregnant again!) but I’m quite often tempted by soft fluffy baguettes or buttery toast and they give me tummyache. But whilst on the Teatox programme my stomach looked considerably smaller and I didn’t feel that heavy stuffed feeling that I get when I’ve eaten too many carbs.

Now to the important figures, my weight loss! I did the 14 day Teatox (Slendertoxtea programmes go from 14 days up to 3 months) and during that time I lost 7 pounds! That’s half a stone in just two weeks! And whilst I did try and eat healthily most of the time those two weeks incorporated a 3 days visit to stay with my cousin which involved 3 meals out, several glasses of wine and two Magnum ice creams!

Are there any side effects to Slendertoxtea?

Slendertoxtea say you can sometimes experience headaches or fatigue for the first couple of days as your body gets used to the programme, but I didn’t have either of those side effects. I did have mild stomachache for a while after I drank my first cup, but that soon subsided, I think it was just a sign that the tea was working. You may need to go the toilet regularly as well, particularly in the first few days as your body expels its toxins, so make sure you start the detox programme on a weekend or your day off so you’re not out and about trying to find a loo!

Slendertoxtea Mug

How does Slendertoxtea compare with other detox teas?

I have tried other detox teas, I reviewed Tiny Tea in 2014, but Slendertoxtea is the one I always go back to. The main reason is that it’s just one cup in the morning and one cup every other night – some detox tea programmes require you to drink several cups per day. Plus I really enjoy the taste of Slendertoxtea, it’s organic, it’s considerably cheaper than a lot of the other detox programmes around, and they’re based in Leeds and I love supporting a great Northern business!

What if I don’t like tea?

Slendertoxtea also produce a variety of other slimming and detox aids such as shakes, slimming patches and even a slimming coffee! Although I haven’t tried any of these products I have read some good reviews of them.

How do I get some?

It’s only available via the Slendertoxtea website. A 14 Day Teatox programme costs just £19.99. Or if you want something a bit more intensive then you could go for the 28 Day Teatox which is £32.99 (or buy this one and split it with a friend as 2x 14 Day Teatox programmes but at a discount!).

You can often get a good discount by signing up to the Slendertoxtea newsletter too.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to Slendertoxtea now and watch the pounds fall off! I’d love to hear how you get on with it when you try it.

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