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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Haircare | 2 comments

Hair-Covered Bun Donut

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Hair Covered Bun Donut Product Review

The fashion for high buns seems to be taking over at the moment, so when I saw this hair-covered bun donut I thought it was a great idea. It’s just like a regular bun donut but it’s covered in synthetic hair, so if you have any gaps in your bun you can’t tell!

It’s great for a beginner, just tie your hair into a high ponytail and slide the bun donut down over the ponytail until it reaches your head. Then take a small section of the ponytail and pull it back over the outside of the donut and secure it to your head using a kirby grip then tuck any loose ends of hair underneath the donut. Repeat with sections of your ponytail until all of the hair is used and the bun donut is covered! You may need to backcomb your hair a little bit to make it easier to work with. There are plenty of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube so if you’re not sure if you’ve got the technique right have a look and swot up.

Here is what the hair-covered bun donut looks like in use… the below image is a nice neat tight bun, you can see that there is a little gap in the hair towards the top of the bun where the synthetic hair shows through, but you’d never know.

Hair Covered Bun Donut Tight Bun

You can also use a bun donut to create a more relaxed messy bun effect, here’s one I created one day whilst relaxing at home…. Select larger sections of the ponytail, and don’t pull them too tight.

Hair Covered Bun Donut Loose Bun

I recently read that you can use a sock instead of a bun donut! Anyone tried this? I think you roll the sock into a sausage shape then wrap it around the base of your ponytail.

Hair-covered bun donuts are available in different colours, and the one I am using is 10cm in diameter. I bought mine from Ebay for around £3.50 plus postage.

If you want to jazz up your bun have a look at my review of Sleep-In Rollers Bun Ring Plait.

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  1. Hi just to let you know, if you use a sock, you chop the toe off of the end and then roll it up. the thicker and bigger the sock (ie – lady’s thin sock….mans sports sock) the bigger the bun xx


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