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Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in Nails & Nail Art | 0 comments

Gold Sparkle Nail Art

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Gold Sparkle Nail Art

Welcome to my first nail art post! I created this look using two of my favourite nail polishes – Chanel’s ‘Trapeze’ which is a pale browny-gold colour and Barry M’s sparkly ‘Yellow Topaz Glitter’. For me the Chanel polish is too pale to use on its own, but is perfect as a base for nail art, allowing other colours and glitters to stand out over the top of it.

First I painted 2 coats of the Chanel ‘Trapeze’ over my nails and left to dry. Then I painted a coat of the Barry M ‘Yellow Topaz Glitter’ over the top about halfway down each nail. After this coat had dried I painted another coat of the Barry M, this time only about one third of the way down each nail, this way it gives a gentle graded effect to the glitter. I finished with a clear top coat which stops the glitter feeling rough, and gives a lovely sheen.

Gold Sparkle Nail Art 2

This sparkly gold nail art look is subtle and glamorous and perfect for a night out. The only problem is that as the tips of the nails are covered in 5 coats of polish (2 Chanel, 2 Barry M glitter and 1 clear top coat) they are prone to chipping, so don’t create it too far in advance of the occasion otherwise you may get chips (and not the yummy type with ketchup!).

Unfortunately the ‘Trapeze’ was a limited edition holiday colour brought out by Chanel a couple of years ago, so it is no longer available, but their current colour ‘Quartz’ is a similar shimmery beige colour and would work just as well. It can be purchased at Debenhams for £18.

UPDATE 1st Feb 2018 – sadly the Yellow Topaz Glitter polish from Barry M is no longer available. My new favourite gold glitter nail paint is I Reached My Gold from OPI, just £4.45 from Luxplus.



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