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Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 in Makeup | 2 comments

Glossybox – September 2013

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Glossybox September 2013

Here’s what I got in my September Glossybox! Firstly I just have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Union Jack box! I’m not usually keen on the specially designed boxes but this one is really special and it would look great used as a storage box.

Glossybox September 2013 Box

Plus, this month’s Glossybox came with a little magazine too, which I think is a great idea. Although having read it the content didn’t particularly interest me, but I think Glossybox could do loads with magazine so I look forward to seeing future issues.

Glossybox September 2013

So, onto the products… September’s Glossybox was titled ‘The London Edition’ and all the products were from UK brands, mainly well-known ones. I was a little bit disappointed with the products when I opened the box, but I think that is because there were no skincare products.

Glossybox September 2013 Untold

The first product is a 5ml bottle of Untold perfume from Elizabeth Arden, described as ‘a luxurious and modern floral fragrance’. I’m not usually a big fan of perfume samples as they generally come in one of those tiny little phials, but I’m quite pleased with this one as it is in a mini glass bottle with a proper packaging box and it would look lovely on a dressing table. I haven’t tried the fragrance yet though, keep an eye on Beauty Best Friend as this one will make a future ‘Perfume of the Day’ post. A full size 50ml bottle of Untold is priced at £48.

Glossybox September 2013 Eylure

The next product is a full-size set of Pre-Glued Lashes from Eylure. False eyelashes have really seen a revival in popularity over the past few years and I do like to wear them for special occasions so I will definitely be trying these. They are pre-glued to help save time (and mess!) but it will be interesting to see how long the glue lasts if they are to be re-used. A pack of these Pre-Glued Lashes from Eylure costs around £5.

Glossybox September 2013 Be A Bombshell

The third product in my Glossybox is a full-size black ‘Onyx’ Eye Liner from Be A Bombshell. To be honest I am getting a bit tired of receiving black eyeliners in my Glossybox, although this is a felt-tip style liner so it is a bit different. I’m also a bit confused, despite all of September’s Glossybox products supposedly being from UK brands, Be A Bombshell is from the USA! I’m not quite sure what to expect from this product so keep an eye out for my review. This Onyx Eye Liner from Be A Bombshell retails at $14 (around £8).

Glossybox September 2013 Dr Lipp Toni & Guy

Here are the final two products that I received in this month’s Glossybox. The first is a mini 3ml tube of Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm For Lips… to be honest the name of it puts me off a little bit, but it is made from 100% natural ingredients so I will definitely be trying this out. I love the grey and pink packaging too. A full size 15ml tube of this lip product retails at £11.50.

The final product is a full-size Classic Shine & Gloss Serum from Toni & Guy, this is packaged in a limited edition spray bottle that has been designed by Lulu. I’m not big on hair styling products but I do suffer from frizz so a serum is always welcome! Classic Shine & Gloss Serum is priced at £7.19.

Well, that’s it from my London-themed Glossybox this month. Keep an eye on Beauty Best Friend over the coming weeks as I will be reviewing all of these products in full.

For those of you who don’t know about Glossybox it is a monthly subscription-based make-up and skincare box. Each box costs £10 plus P&P and contains around 5 goodies (some full-size products and some sample sizes), the retail prices of which add up to way more than the £10 you pay for it. It is a way for consumers to try out new products and for brands to get their products known, and there is usually a good mix of well-known brands and some less-well-known or new brands in each box. I did feel a little disappointed with the contents in this month’s box and am looking forward to seeing if next month’s box contains some more skincare products. If you are interested in signing up to Glossybox visit their website.

Want to know what I got in last month’s August Glossybox? Read all about it here.

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  1. I’ve awarded you the Liebster award, you can see all the details on my blog and then pass them on to your top 10 blogs.

    I love reading your blog.

    Rachael x

    • Thanks Rachael, so glad I’m one of your top 10 new blogs! Will get round to answering the questions shortly! xx


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