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Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Bath & Body | 2 comments

Glitter Tattoo Set

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Glitter Tattoo Set Review

A bit of fun today as I’m reviewing this Glitter Tattoo Set… it’s aimed at kids (or maybe just big kids!) and if you’re bit too grown up for this then why not buy it for a girl who’s on school holidays?

The Glitter Tattoo Set contains everything you need to apply your own temporary glitter tattoos, and I have to say they give a really good result which will last quite a few days.

Glitter Tattoo Set

The set includes body glue, 2 applicator brushes, 7 pots of glitter in different colours and lots of stencils. I purchased the ‘Girls Day Out’ set so all of the stencils are quite girly, but there are different sets available (some include more boyish stencils such as skulls and spiders) and you can also buy the stencils separately on Ebay if you run out.

Glitter Tattoo Set Stencils

The image above gives you a closer look at all of the stencils that are included in the Glitter Tattoo Set. Personally I love the stars, hearts, butterflies and seahorses, but I’m not sure I’ll use the ‘Princess’ stencil!

The glitter tattoos are really easy to apply:

First you remove the stencil from the backing paper and press it onto your skin (some of the stencils also have a clear cover sheet which you then remove too).

Next you paint on a thin layer of the body glue over the shape on the stencil – the tube of body glue includes a brush inside the lid a bit like a nail varnish – and then wait a couple of minutes until it starts to go clear and tacky.

Using the smaller brush you dust over a covering of your chosen glitter. You can just use one colour or several – I think the cherry stencil would look great with red berries and green stalk and leaves.

The excess glitter should then be removed by dusting it off using the larger brush. I find this is best done over the sink, otherwise the glitter gets everywhere.

You can then carefully remove the stencil to reveal your funky glitter tattoo!

Glitter Tattoo Set Pink Star

This was my first one, I went for the simple star stencil and used the fuchsia pink glitter. I added it to the bottom of my real bird tattoo on my wrist and it looked really effective!

A friend and I also tried them on our feet and they looked really great there too. Plus the black glitter looks better than you might imagine – it looks a bit more like a real tattoo but with a bit of shimmer.

Glitter Tattoo Set Glitters

The temporary glitter tattoos can last up to several days as long as you don’t rub them – I found the one on my foot didn’t last quite as long though as I had been wearing socks and parts of it had started to rub off after about 3 days.

If you do want to remove them sooner then just rub gently with a cotton wool pad dipped in oil or lotion and it will come away gradually.

I’ve found that these glitter tattoos are great fun for kids and big kids alike – I think they look great!

The ‘Girls Day Out’ Glitter Tattoo Set that I purchased looks to be currently sold out, but the nearest product that I can find is on Amazon priced at £12.50 with FREE delivery. It includes 24 stencils, 6 glitters, glue and 2 brushes.

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