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Posted by on Aug 28, 2017 in Skincare | 0 comments

Get the lowdown now on emerging organic skincare brand

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New organic skincare you won't have heard of

A few weeks ago I was contacted by new skincare brand Sapphire Organic Skincare asking if I’d try out their products. I’m such an advocate of independent natural & organic skincare brands, I don’t like using products that contain nasty chemicals – including parabens, mineral oil, sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) – these are all ingredients that I try to avoid where I can.

The branding has a bit of a way to go I think. The name Sapphire doesn’t stand out,  and there are no directions on the labels explaining how to use the products. The printing on the labels smudges when you touch them with product on your hands too. What I do like though is that the ingredients are really clearly listed, and every one is natural and 100% organic.

Sapphire Organic Skincare Facial Products

Rose Garden Soft Face Balm

I love using natural moisturisers and this Rose Garden Soft Face Balm was the first Sapphire product I tried. Shea Butter is the main ingredient, plus it also contains Rosehip Oil which is great for healing acne scars. The Balm is quite hard and crystalline in the jar, but it soon softens on your fingers and it just melts into the skin like a dream. It has a warming, slightly spicy scent, I wouldn’t say it smelled obviously of the Rose that I expected. Natural balms can be great for cleansing too as they melt away all traces of make-up and dirt.

Rose Garden Soft Face Balm is priced at £9 for 30ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Awakening Soft Face Balm

With a similar texture to the Rose Garden Balm this one is enriched with black pepper and mandarin giving it a spicy masculine mysterious fragrance. It definitely smells different to most other natural skincare that I’ve tried but I really like it!

Both of the balms are beautiful, you only need a tiny blob of product (just scrape a bit out of the jar using your fingernail) to cover your face. I’ve been alternating these two, using both day and night, and my skin feels moisturised with no dry patches on my usually-dry forehead.

Awakening Soft Face Balm is priced at £13.90 for 30ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Rosehip & Argan Face Serum

I absolutely love an oil serum, this one contains Rosehip which is great for healing acne scarring and Frankincense which gives the serum a stunning heady, sensual fragrance. The oil is thick and golden and it just feels so luscious when I apply it at night before my moisturiser. It contains vitamin E to nourish and my skin feels really plumped and refreshed in the morning. Rosehip & Argan Face Serum is definitely my favourite of the Sapphire products that I’ve been using and the one that I’d probably be most likely to re-purchase.

Rosehip & Argan Face Serum is priced at £14.90 for 30ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Calendula & Lemon Lip Balm

As lip balms go this one is ok. I love that it’s organic, the main ingredient is beeswax which means that it’s not vegan though. The flavour and scent are very subtle, slightly lemony and pleasant, it’s a good choice if you don’t like your lip balms to have a strong flavour. I find the texture of the lip balm quite hard, you need to rub it over your lips a few times to warm and soften it and I think it might take even longer in cold weather. Overall I’d say that the Calendula & Lemon Lip Balm is my least favourite of the Sapphire skincare products in this bundle, but it’s still ok.

Calendula & Lemon Lip Balm is priced at £6.90, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Sapphire Organic Skincare Lavender Facemask

Lavender Face Mask

The final facial product is a bit different to anything I’ve ever tried before. This Lavender Face Mask actually comes as a powder and you mix it up yourself! The ingredients include purple corn flour, lavender flowers & essential oil and you can actually see the particles of the flowers in the mixture. You need to gradually add enough water to the powder to form a paste – it’s easiest to do it in a small bowl and mix with a make-up or mask brush (it would be really great if the product came with a little spatula). Then paint the mask onto the face and leave it for 10-15 mins before washing off with cool water. Lavender Face Mask detoxifies and softens the skin, not to mention the general relaxing effect the Lavender scent has on your mind.

Lavender Face Mask is priced at £13.90 for 50ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.

Sapphire Organic Skincare Body Products


Calendula All Over Balm

There’s not much to say about Calendula All Over Balm. It has a similar texture to the two facial balms, it’s main ingredient is also Shea Butter, but it’s scent free although it does have a slight warm spicy fragrance when first applied until it’s been absorbed into the skin. It keeps skin really moisturised – it almost forms a watertight seal over the skin stopping it from drying out – and it’s really great for soothing sunburn too (as I found out a couple of weeks ago, oops!).

This is the sort of bodycare product that I’d purchase again. It’s more expensive than your regular body lotion but I love the thought that I’m only putting natural ingredients onto (and therefore into) my body.

Calendula All Over Balm is priced at £12.90 for 30ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Anticellulite Body Oil

A lot of people try to avoid using oils but this post I wrote explains why you shouldn’t be afraid of using oils on your skin. It can be expensive to use oils all over your body as good, organic ones can be expensive so if you can’t afford this you’re better to buy a good one and only use it on the areas that need it like knees and elbows, rather than buying a cheap one as many cheap body oils contain mineral oil which is a by-product of paraffin production and not good for our skin at all.

This Anticellulite Body Oil is a rather unpleasant green colour, it has a thick, viscous texture but it feels delicious smothered on legs and bottom. It contains Grapeseed Oil as the main ingredient plus also black pepper & grapefruit oils which help to stimulate the skin and remove the toxins that cause cellulite. Whilst the majority of cellulite sufferers find it on their bottom and thighs, it can actually appear on any fatty part of the body, including tummy and arms. Just moisturise using this oil wherever you need it, you’ll need about seven squirts from the bottle for one thigh! I’m not 100% percent sure it’s a cure for cellulite but it does get the circulation going and it has a nice warming fragrance.

Anticellulite Body Oil is priced at £12.90 for 50ml, from Sapphire Organic Skincare.


Overall I think these Sapphire Organic Skincare products are fantastic! Every one (apart from maybe the lip balm) offers exactly what I want from organic skincare, and I love to support independent British brands. The prices are really affordable too compared with many other organic and natural brands. Sadly I don’t think these Sapphire products would stand out if they were on a shop shelf alongside other brands, but don’t let the branding or packaging put you off what’s inside.

If you interested in reading about some more organic brands then you might be interested in reading my review of EKIA Organic Skincare or my review of Botanicals Cleansing Melt.

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