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Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in Random | 2 comments

Get inspired with Beauty Best Friend on Pinterest!

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So I’ve been an avid Pinterest user for quite a few years now, mainly bookmarking quirky craft projects, pretty tattoo designs, party ideas and the occasional cute cat photo (obvs). But since I started Beauty Best Friend I’ve also used it as inspiration for nail art, eye make-up, essential oil blends and lots more beauty and wellbeing uses.

There are literally millions of amazing images and useful articles out there on Pinterest just waiting to be found and I find that mindblowing! How often have I thought ‘Oh I’ll just spend 5 minutes on Pinterest looking for xyz’ and then an hour later I’ve gone off at a tangent and found all sorts of weird and wonderful images and articles that I’ve bookmarked for later?

Over the past few months I’ve pinned lots of my favourite Beauty Best Friend blog posts onto categorised Pinterest boards including My Best Make-up Blog Posts and My Best Bodycare Blog Posts. It’s a great way of seeing all of the content I’ve created at a glance, and flicking through all of the images and pins I feel immensely proud!

I’ve also started off a new board of simply Beautiful Make-Up On My Wishlist, a cornucopia of stunning palettes, pretty lipsticks and other amazing make-up products that I’d buy if money were no object.

I’d love for you to come and follow me on Pinterest and check out some of my boards. Here’s a selection you might be interested in:

If you’re not already on Pinterest you’re missing out! Sign up for Pinterest here.


Are you a blogger or small business owner?

If you have your own blog or website and you’re interested in finding out how to use Pinterest to increase your website, make money or gain email subscribers then you should look no further than these two amazing courses by Pinterest expert McKinzie Bean author of Moms Make Cents.

The first course, Pinterest Primer, is a totally FREE 5 day course sent via email – I completed it a month ago and it inspired me to sort out my Pinterest boards and I’ve already doubled the traffic that Pinterest sends to my blog in just 4 weeks by putting into place a few simple steps.

The second course, Pinterest to Profits, is a complete in-depth online course that shows you how to skyrocket your traffic from Pinterest, make a steady stream of income each month via Pinterest and show you where you need to re-direct your time so that your efforts are effective.

I’d really recommend that you sign up to one of McKinzie’s courses, there’s not much she doesn’t know about Pinterest and blogging!

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  1. This is such an original post! Haven’t seen anything like this before, really enjoyed it xo

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