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Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Bath & Body | 0 comments

Get ‘Beach Body Ready’ with Temple Spa

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Beach Body Ready Temple Spa

There’s been uproar in the press and on social media recently about the phrase ‘beach body ready’ and the pressure put on women to lose weight, tone up, and look good in a bikini. Everyone should be allowed to feel comfortable in swimwear no matter what their size or shape and there should be no pressure on women to conform to a certain body shape. Having said that, no one wants to step out onto the beach looking un-groomed and there are lots of bodycare tips and tricks that anyone can do to give them that little extra piece of confidence when stepping out in a bikini or swimming costume for the first time.

I’ve been trying out a selection of bodycare products from Temple Spa that are perfect for Summer bodies and promise to make everyone look great on the beach (or just in your back garden!).

Temple Spa Sugar Buff Packaging

Sugar Buff – the first product in my ‘get beach body ready’ regime is Sugar Buff, a Mediterranean body scrub that includes olive oil, fig, pomegranate plus ten essential oils to help remove dead skin cells and reveal the silky soft smooth skin underneath.

Sugar Buff is a pale golden scrub that can be used in either the shower or bath (the sugar grains dissolve so you won’t be left sat in a scratchy grainy bath!) and the process of using a body scrub naturally invigorates and stimulates the skin as well as removing the dull top layer of dead skin cells.

Temple Spa Sugar Buff

I like to apply it in the shower using just the palms of my hands, but you could use a sponge or flannel if you prefer. It does feel quite abrasive on the skin, making it ideal for the rough skin on the elbows, knees, ankles, etc, but if you have sensitive skin or eczema then I’d avoid this product. It would be perfect for use as a stand-alone hand or foot scrub too, and it leaves skin feeling soft.

Sugar Buff is a really effective body scrub and it has a wonderful relaxing fragrance that smells really similar to the Temple Spa Repose moisturiser that I reviewed a few weeks ago. It comes with a little plastic spatula which is great as it’s a bit tricky to scoop the right amount out of the jar with your fingers.

Sugar Buff is priced at £27 for 255g, available from Temple Spa.


Temple Spa Duvet Packaging

Duvet – I love the name of this product, it makes me think about slipping under a big, plump feather duvet after a nice relaxing warm bath at the end of a long day! Duvet is a firming body cream that both hydrates and firms the skin leaving it smooth and toned and smelling delicious (all of the Temple Spa products that I’ve tried have beautiful fragrances).

I like to use Duvet after a shower and the thick white cream turns into a silky oily lotion as soon as it touches the skin. The Temple Spa website says that it ‘leaves skin feeling like cashmere’ and I thought this was rather a bold statement…. but it’s true! Even the day after applying it my legs and arms still feel silky soft, Duvet is one of the most nourishing body moisturisers that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot).

Temple Spa Duvet

This one also comes with a spatula which is really handy, and it has the usual relaxing scent that comes from the essential oils that are within it. A definite favourite of mine and one that I’ll be using again and again!

Duvet Comforting Body Cream is priced at £33 for 200ml, available from Temple Spa.


Temple Spa Sol Mate Packaging

Sol Mate – so now that I’ve scrubbed and firmed the only thing left to do is tan with Sol Mate Self Tanning Souffle! Sol Mate is a rich, white self tanning cream that you apply with a mitt (I just use a cheap one from Superdrug). It can be applied up to every other day so you can gradually build up your fake tan until you find the shade of bronze that you like.

Temple Spa Sol Mate

Sol Mate combines self tan with skincare so not only are you fake tanning, you’re also treating your skin with cocoa butter and a range of essential oils. This self tanning souffle works really well after moisturising your skin with Duvet, and applied as a duo they leave my skin feeling SO soft! The only downside is that Sol Mate does take a few hours to develop so it’s not great used at the last minute for a big night out… make sure you plan ahead and apply it with plenty of time to spare. You can use it on your face too, it does have a bit a fake tan ‘biscuity’ smell, but personally I don’t mind the smell.

Sol Mate comes with a little spatula too which is a must and saves you having to stick your self tanning mitt into the jar!

UPDATE 25th Jan 2018 – I’m really sad that Sol Mate was discontinued in late 2017, it was a great tanning product. My favourite ever tanning product is Garnier No Streaks Bronzer which develops really quickly and it’s SO easy to apply, it just sprays on WITHOUT STREAKS!


Temple Spa Giving It The Brush Off

Giving It The Brush Off – so now you’re ready for the beach, but you need to remember to keep up with your bodycare regime to keep your skin looking in tip-top condition. A great way to do that is to use a body brush that helps to increase circulation, and in turn prevents cellulite and dead skin cells.

Giving It The Brush Off is a medium-soft body brush, you use the brush on dry skin and firmly sweep it up the body, starting from the feet, always working towards the heart. You should avoid the chest and face, but it’s great for areas such as the thighs, bottom and those bingo wings! Temple Spa recommend you use the body brush daily for five minutes, try thinking of it like having a mini spa treatment every single day!

Personally I find it difficult to remember to use it every day, but I have been using it 3-4 times a week – usually before a shower.

Giving It The Brush Off is priced at £16, available from Temple Spa.


I’ve really enjoyed using all of these products, and despite the fact that I’m not going abroad this Summer my body looks like I’ve just come back from a sunny holiday! Temple Spa products aren’t cheap, but you do get what you pay for with them and they really do work. Plus the packaging has been so well designed, it’s simple but elegant, the jars and lids are great quality and not too girly so suitable for both men or women.

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