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Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in Makeup | 1 comment

Eylure – Pre-Glued Lashes

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Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes Review

I am an occasional wearer of false lashes, restricting their use to special occasions, parties, etc. These latex-free Pre-Glued Lashes from Eylure came in my September Glossybox and I was interested to read that these are supposed to be very quick and easy to apply as they are already pre-glued so you don’t need to faff around applying your own glue and waiting for them to stick.

These are the limited edition ‘Style 190’ Pre-Glued Lashes, a lash with fine sections in a short length for root volume and dark tipped sections for length.

Firstly, when I took them out of the packet and unstuck them from the white plastic plate I found that they were VERY sticky and quite floppy. I am used to wearing false lashes with more of a rigid band, and these reminded me of little centipedes wriggling everywhere. I needed to trim them slightly as they were a bit too long for my lashline, and I managed to get them stuck to the scissors and my fingers in the process.

Then during the application process they stuck to the tweezers, my fingers, my eyelashes, in fact anything they weren’t supposed to stick to. I can’t overstate just how sticky these lashes are! Eventually I managed to get them stuck in the correct place (I ditched the tweezers in the end and just used my fingers).

I did find them very fiddly to apply (and very sticky!), I would also be interested to know how many times you can wear them before the glue wears off. However once they were in place they did look really good, the lashes are very black and give a nice effect – I think they look fairly natural as false lashes go. The image below shows them once they are on, along with a fairly neutral colour wash of shadow over the whole eye area and lots of black eyeliner.

Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes Eye

The image below shows the same eye but looking down slightly, so that you can see the band – the join is fairly seamless. I did find that these lashes were fairly easy to remove afterwards, just a gentle pull and they come loose.

Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes Eye

I have to say that after trying these Pre-Glued Lashes they are not for me and I would prefer to wear false lashes with a firmer band and apply the glue myself. Having said that they do give a lovely effect, so perhaps if you are an expert at applying false lashes you may find it a little easier.

Eylure is a good well-respected brand, and I would be interested in trying one of their different false lash products to compare with these Pre-Glued Lashes.

Pre-Glued Lashes in Style 190 are priced at £5.06 per pair, available from Eylure.

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1 Comment

  1. The lashes look nice and natural. I want to get some of these now. My favorite lashes from Eylure are the Naturalites 100 False eyelashes. I get mine at
    Thanks for sharing!

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