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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Bath & Body | 0 comments

Essential oils for the cold weather

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Buff & Butter Essentail Oils Review

I love the idea of aromatherapy and what it can achieve, being able to change your mood just by inhaling a couple of drops of plant oil, even being able to heal the body by performing a simple massage. Essential oils start from just a couple of pounds for the cheaper ones but you really need to be careful and make sure you buy good quality – some suppliers dilute their oils or take the oil from the wrong part of the plant in order to try and save costs.

I’ve recently discovered Buff & Butter, suppliers of aromatherapy oils and candle-making supplies. Their 100% natural essential oils can be purchased in varying size bottles – ideal for both those who are just dipping their toe in the world of aromatherapy and practitioners who want to buy in bulk.

Buff & Butter Essentail Oils With Mixer

I chose five essential oils that are ideal for the cold weather:

Lavender – chances are you’ve heard about the therapeutic benefits of lavender oil already. It’s so versatile and I just love the fragrance, it’s so relaxing. To make your own pillow spritz just add a couple of drops of Lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water then give your pillow a couple of sprays before you go to bed. Lavender is also great for respiratory problems, use in a diffuser or oil burner if you have a cold or flu.

Ginger – a massage with this warming, spicy oil really helps to soothe aching muscles after a long cold day. Ginger is also well known for aiding digestion too, mix with a carrier oil and gently massage the stomach with long sweeping strokes if you’ve over indulged!

Nutmeg – this is a great oil to help with the emotions particularly if the dark nights are getting you down. Similar to Ginger it has a warming spicy fragrance, and used in a diffuser or oil burner it can help to ease anxiety and allow you to embrace joy. I think it always fills the home with a lovely ‘cake fresh from the oven’ scent!

Lime – this is one of my favourite oils it’s so uplifting and smells just like a juicy citrus fruit. I add a drop of Lime oil to a small scrap of felt that I keep in the door pocket of my car and it keeps my car smelling fresh and fruity (much cheaper than an air freshener). Lime also makes a great insect repellent as the days get warmer.

Thyme – this is another oil that makes the home smell of freshly baked food when you burn it in a diffuser or oil burner. This is an antibacterial oil and can be diluted with a carrier oil then massaged onto the skin to help treat acne and other skin conditions. Thyme oil is also currently being investigated as a possible future treatment for some types of cancer, as it has been seen to kill some types of cancer cell – it just goes to show how effective essential oils can be.

Buff & Butter Essentail Oils With Book

I use a little pink notebook to list down the different essential oils that I own and the different ailments that I have used them for. I also like to experiment with different combinations of oils in my diffuser, my current favourite is a mixture of ginger and lime – it’s fresh and citrusy with a spicy warming undertone and it really makes me feel uplifted and energised. I’d love to know your favourite oil combinations!

Buff & Butter Essentail Oils

I’ve been really impressed with the essential oils from Buff & Butter and I just love the little dark bottles with stylish pale blue labels, they look so cute!

Don’t forget to consult a specialist if you’re looking to use essential oils to treat ailments, and they must always be diluted with a carrier oil particularly if you’re going to use them on your skin.

Buff & Butter Essentail Oils Reflection

Essential oils start at £1.50 for 10ml, take a look at the full list of Buff & Butter’s essential oils.

Lavender oil is priced at £2.15 for 10ml, Ginger oil is priced at £3.05 for 10ml, Nutmeg oil is priced at £3.05 for 10ml, Lime oil is priced at £2.20 for 10ml, Thyme oil is priced at £2.10 for 10ml.

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