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Posted by on Jan 17, 2014 in Nails & Nail Art | 0 comments

Elegant Touch – Rapid Dry For Nails

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Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails Review

I received this Rapid Dry For Nails in my November Glossybox and I first tried it out on New Years Eve, when (as usual) I had left it until the last minute to apply my nail varnish and I needed it to dry so that I could put my coat on and leave the house.

Elegant Touch claim that Rapid Dry For Nails dries nail polish in 60 seconds, and I was really hoping this was true! It’s a really easy product to use, you just spray a fine mist over freshly painted nails – holding the can around 10cms from your nails. It reminded me a bit of a dry oil spray as it left my fingers looking nice and soft and shiny as if I had just applied handcream. A few minutes after applying the spray my nails did start to look rather dull, but this was just the effect of the Rapid Dry spray forming tiny drops of condensation on my nails, and this easily washed away with a splash of cold water.

I was pleased with the results and found that Rapid Dry left my nails feeling touch dry, so I was able to quickly finish up getting ready and go out. The nail polish did still need a bit of time afterwards to fully harden so that it was protected from any hard knocks or smudges though. I think it would be a great product to use whilst applying nail art, a quick spray in between coats would cut down the time taken to apply different colours of nail polish, but then you would still need to leave the design to fully harden at the end. The spray is CFC free too, so it’s not bad for the environment.

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails spray is priced at £3.05 for 125ml, available from Superdrug.

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