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Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Nails & Nail Art | 1 comment

EBay Budget Nail Art Supplies

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Ebay Budget Nail Art Supplies

I love finding bargains on EBay, there’s just about everything you can think of on there (and a lot more besides), and it always shocks me at how many items you can pick up for just 99p including postage! So I decided to show my readers some of the nail art inspired bargains I’ve bought from EBay over the past few months.

Ebay Nail Tip Stickers

You may recognise these French Nail Tip Stickers as the ones that I used in my Neon Chevron French Mani Tutorial last Summer. They’re basically sheets of little sticker strips that you peel off and stick onto the nail just below the tip, then you paint your white tip (or whatever colour you fancy) and remove the sticker and… hey presto, you get a lovely neat straight line on your nail tip. The stickers pictured above include straight edges, plus chevrons and hearts, and you get 10 sheets.

You don’t need to just use white polish for your nail tips, you could use brights like I’ve done with my neon tutorial, or for Christmas why not use a silver or a glitter polish for a bit of sparkle?

French Nail Tip Stickers are just 99p for 10 sheets, available from eBay. They are shipped from Hong Kong though, so expect to wait a little while for delivery, but at just 99p I think it’s worth the wait!

Ebay Nail Wheel

These are Nail Wheels and they’re a must-have product of any beauty blogger or nail polish enthusiast! You can use them to try out new nail polish shades, create nail art or to organise and log all of your nail paint colours. Just paint different polishes onto the plastic ‘nails’ like this…

Pink Nail Polish Swatches

I like to use them to try out different combinations of nail polish colours.

These plastic Nail Wheels are priced at £1.57 for 10, from eBay, these are from China so again will take a while to arrive.

Ebay Nail Art Brushes

My newest bargain is these Nail Art Brushes, they’ve got really fine heads so that you can paint small, intricate designs. I’ve not used these yet, but I’m planning a festive nail art design that I’ll create in the next week or so. You can use them to paint flowers, hearts, dots or whatever you fancy! For Christmas how about sparkly snowflakes or a Christmas tree? You could probably use them for make-up too, if you wanted to do really intricate designs or patterns around the eyes.

There are loads of nail art kits and brushes on EBay, but these pink brushes were 99p for the three, available from eBay, shipping from Hong Kong.

Ebay Sponge Nail Stamper

These are Nail Art Sponges, and I have to admit I haven’t had any experience of using these yet. They can be used by the very talented with nail stamping systems, in order to pick up the stamped design and impress it onto the nail. However, where I want to go with them is to create a rainbow or striped nail art look – you just paint stripes of different colours onto the sponge, blot it once or twice onto a piece of tissue then press it onto the nail for a mottled stripy effect.

Have a look on Pinterest for some ideas of how to use these Nail Art Sponges!

For a set with a holder and 4 spare sponges check out this one, priced at £2.55 from eBay, shipping from the UK.

Ebay Nail Stickers

I simply LOVE nail stickers, they’re the quickest and easiest way to jazz up your nails and a great way to start out if you’ve not done any nail art before. This set has cute little animals, Hello Kitty and fruits to name just a few. You simply paint your nails with whatever colour polish you like, then carefully peel the sticker from the backing sheet and place it onto the dried nail. You might need to use tweezers to apply them as they’re fairly small though. My favourites are the little animals, they’re so cute!

7 sheets of cartoon nail art stickers, priced at 99p, on eBay, from the Philippines.

Ebay Rose Nail Stickers

The next easiest thing to stickers to use to create nail art are Nail Decals – they’re a bit like transfers that you wet with water then they adhere to the nail. I thought these pink roses were really pretty, they’d look really nice on a white nail with a pink tip (a bit like a reverse French Manicure). I’ve also got some nail decals of pandas which are really cute.

I can no longer find the exact same rose decals that I’ve got, but these ones are really similar priced at 99p from eBay, and what’s more they’re based in the UK so you won’t have to wait too long to receive them!

Ebay Striping Tape

My last budget nail art accessories are these striping tapes, they’re basically rolls of extremely thin sticky foil tape that you can use to decorate your nails. You can use striping tape in 2 ways:

  • add strips over nail varnish to create metallic stripes
  • paint the nails in one colour then add strips of striping tape over the top before painting another colour over the top – then remove the tape to reveal stripes of the underneath colour

These metallic foil tapes would be great to use at Christmas because they’re so shiny and sparkly. I’ve got 10 rolls of the tape, but I couldn’t fit them all in the photo (they’re very difficult to photograph, if you take the photo from above you can’t see the pretty colours!).

These are such a bargain, you can get 10 rolls of metallic striping tape for just 99p on eBay.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading my review of budget EBay nail art supplies. When I’ve created some new nail art looks I’ll post them here on Beauty Best Friend blog for you to see.

I’d love to know what you like buying from EBay too!

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