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Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Nails & Nail Art | 0 comments

Easter Herringbone Nail Art

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Easter Herringbone Nail Art Benecos Polishes

A couple of weeks ago I was sent three Benecos Nail Polishes* and was challenged to create some nail art with them. Never shy of a challenge I set to work and came up with this simple but effective multi-coloured herringbone design that I wore on my nails over Easter.

Benecos is a natural beauty brand and their nail polishes are free from toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony – these are chemicals found in regular nail polish which are thought to be harmful.

In order to create my Easter nail art I first painted alternate nails using each of the three coloured Benecos nail polishes in turn:

Benecos Nail Polishes

The three colours that I was sent are Sharp Rose (the pale rose tinted shade), French Lavender (the purple shade) and Rose Passion (the ginger shade). I think Rose Passion is a bit of an odd name for the browny ginger shade, it doesn’t really have any hint of pink in it at all, but it’s still a lovely polish and would be perfect for Autumn.

After painting my nails in alternate colours I set to work creating the herringbone effect on my ring finger:

Step by Step Herringbone Nail Art

The image above shows the 5 steps I went through…

1 Start by painting a diagonal stripe using one of the colours from bottom left to top right

2 Then paint another diagonal stripe in the opposite direction over the first stripe, but this time start a little higher on the opposite side.

3 The third stripe is in the same direction as the first stripe that you painted, but further up making sure you don’t paint over the first stripe. You WILL obscure the top end of the second stripe though. It’s difficult to see this stripe on the image as it’s in the same pale colour as the base nail, Sharp Rose.

4 Using the same colour as your first stripe paint your fourth stripe in the same direction as your second stripe, but a bit further up the nail. This WILL obscure the top end of the third stripe.

5 The final stripe is in the same colour as the second stripe, and in the same direction as the first and third stripes, and is right at the tip of the nail. If you have longer nails you may need to add further stripes until the whole nail is filled up.

Below is the finished result after a glossy top coat had been added (and one or two little splodges of nail polish had been removed from the skin around the nail)…

Easter Herringbone Nail Art

I think it looks really effective, particularly as the colours are all so different. It would look good in bright colours too, I’m thinking neon pink, green and white! You could even paint the effect onto every nail if you have enough time, just make sure you allow time for each stripe to dry between coats.

Benecos Nail Polishes

Benecos Nail Polish is available in 16 different shades, priced at £6.95 each, available from Pravera.

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*PR samples

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